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ohh .
okay . :)

i'll try nex time ..

my home button still dont work :(

can you please provide a step-by-step tut on how to upgrade from WD6 to WD7 .??

thanks . :)

uhhm, i heard that whitedoor7 is released already . :)

how do i upgrade my WD6 to WD7 ?

i haven't seen any tutorials yet . thanks . :))

Edit by bcooperizcool to provide more keywords in the title :)

when will you upload those ? :D

i like to try them already :DD

i just back up-ed it using itools  8)

welcome mate  ;D

the file i backup cannot be attached  :'(

it says it's too large .. how do i upload it ?

it's 2.xx MB

so how do i do it ?  :-[

i have it on my iphone and i want to share it with others  ;D

you can find it in apptime machine . :))

i have it installed in my iphone .  ;D

thanks ! :D

i'll download some . :D

i downloaded the new link of islash here . but it crashes after sometime ...

i cannot play it :(

can i request iap cracker for iphone 3g WD6 ?

i cant access cydia because of broken home wifi :(

thanks . :)

link not working for me .. it says it was deleted. :((

Is it different from the one that can be found in the app time machine ?

yehey !

it worked .. but it's a little laggy .. :(

i followed this TUT

[Solved] PreferenceLoader 2.2.0-1 update causes Settings app crash

andddd it worked . :D

it didnt work for me ...

i did not find the Cydia folder so i decided to create a new one ..

ang also the AutoInstall inside cydia ..

after i respring my phone , it still didnot wok ..

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