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Archives / Re: Forum improvements
« on: February 05, 2011, 11:46:44 AM »
tnx mate :)
will do.

im not sure what did you mean by this:
also a download bar with links to all downloads provided by users here like wintersled ,themes,...etc

any screenshot?

Archives / Forum improvements
« on: February 05, 2011, 02:07:03 AM »
Hay guys. As of today, i am in charge of the improvements done to the forums. (i am the guy to blame when something doesn't work :D ) Matteo doesn't have the time or experience (for now, i hope i can learn him a few here and there ;) so something that needs 10min of fixing takes him a few days. It's enough that he made this great project into reality.

This theme, is intended to gather all of your ideas, and my announcements, and make them real. PLEASE, don't just sit by, whenever you have something to say,we want you to SAY IT OUT LOUD! :D


So, what has beed done so far today:
-New forums added. Socializing a bit.
-Fixed all the permissions for users and moderators (some users had problems)
-better SEO optimization
-Updated forum version
-Enabled Quick reply for all
-Fixed Quote and code boxes
-bigger avatars possible
-searchbox done.. try it out ;)
-Tiny fixes in browser incompatibility
-enable videos to run here
-quickreply works
-mobile website should be live tomorow. it SHOULD be totally ios compatibile, but work fine at other mobile platforms also!
-word url's
-quickreply on mobile forums
-new usergroup. older, helpful members should get themselves a new title. (iphone 2g gave this idea i think)
-website icon link at the top in the forums
-live chat
-uniting doublepost script
-new ranks and new staff
-new prefixes
-new forums

In this part, we cover what ideas have yet to be done. I will update this list regularly ;)

In works (ideas or half finished):
-signature rules
-new posts icons on the forums should get badges just like in iphone (NOT COUNTERS)

so, please give me any thoughts you have both on the work done and the ideas roaming around.
What do you want the Senior member group to be named?
Do we need any more boards?
are quote and code boxes okay in colors?
What should be the signature rules?
how big the avatars should get?

and any other that you have in mind!

How To's - Archive / Re: Fixing the missing WiFi Toggle
« on: February 03, 2011, 11:20:58 PM »
Quote from: "Gawernator"
This isn't a bug report per-say, but it should help out a few people.  If you are like me, you are used to using SBSettings, however I realized I don't need it and it drains RAM/battery power so i uninstalled it and the packages it comes with.  Problem there: that will uninstall the wifi toggle that Whited00r comes packaged with, which is not cool.  Easy solution that will save you from having to restore: Instead of restoring the entire firmware for just this feature (which some people have had to do) you can just manually install the wifi toggle yourself ;)  At this url download the debian file sbsettingstoggles.  Using iFile on your phone or 7-zip, extract the data file from the debian and move this file to / on your iDevice.  Now you will want to extract one file only, extract the file Wifi.dylib, and it should automatically place itself into the right directory.  Respring or restart your phone and everything should be fine.  If it's still not working, open up Activator and make sure wifi is selected for status bar double tap, and/or check your steps.

EXACLY :D i wanted to fix it today, but had too much to work on for exams.

tnx dude :)

P.S. Advice: i prefer to keep activator for wifi on hold statusbar. double tap is problematic, since from time to time, i have disabled wifi unintentionally. ;)

How To's - Archive / Re: How to INSTALL Whited00r
« on: February 03, 2011, 09:56:48 PM »
Quote from: "alishther"
Pleas ehelp me! it doesn't matter which explorer i use (OSX) and when I unzip it, the ipsw file looks like a folder and can't install it! what can i do?????? :cry:  

I tried by changing the zip extension to the ipsw but it says the firmware is not compatible.... PLEASE HELP ME!

post is old, but not responded to. Same thing here.

you will need to keep an eye on the unzip process. for some reason, after expanding the zip (or rar, im not sure) archive, the utility tries to expand the ipsw itself. so once it says it's finished expanding zip, and it starts expanding ispw, you should  click cancel (stop).
That will leave the fw untouched ;)

Tnx for responce.

hmm, than there should not be any reason for folders going hide themselves and than just deletieing self info, i was aiming at that (if you get what i mean).
so, it doesn't have anything to do with the icon hiding process. since it seeeeeeems random, may be a mem loop? tho, that would crash sb, wouldn't it?

The only FACT i have from testing, is that folders disappear when somethin's moving them or around them. My first guess was that icons have their position IDs, and somehing goes wrong with that while hiding them. Since it's not, do you have any guess?

i'll do some thinking on this.  :cry:

Updated the post. upstairs xD

firstly, what does it have to do with ... anything?
secondly, mac osx lion is not a pc, or even FOR a pc for that matter (not counting osx86 products).
I doubt apple wont implement something like that for lion, simply because they have it on idevices, and that meaning they want to make idevices more similar to macs, and the other way around.

New glitch i have found. [/yoda voice off]

Folders seem to move around one of my iBlanks. I have never had this problems before using folders. This leads me to some thoughts that they are not compatible.

putting stuff into folders is easy, if folder is NOT on the right side of a row, and if you drag the icon from the bottom of the folder.

also, problems concerning missing. I have noticed that folders tend to disappear when moving icons trought pages. in particular, moving an icon over the page with the folder, thus pushing the icons on the page before.

So, an icon pushing the folder, breaks it and moves into its place. (somewhat reminds me of minicraft xD)

heres a scheme:
(pg.1)  (pg.2)   (pg.3)
icon      folder    icon1
icon      icon       icon
icon2    icon3    icon


(move icon1 to page 2)
(pg.1)  (pg.2)   (pg.3)
icon      folder    icon3
icon      icon       icon
icon2    icon1    icon

(moving icon 1 to page 1, intentionally or even by mistake)
(pg.1)  (pg.2)   (pg.3)
icon      icon2    icon3
icon      icon      icon
icon1   ---    icon

also, "pushing" a folder from front also breaks it.

So, reordering anything messes up the folder. i have tested entering moving mode, and renaming folders, entering them and exiting them, entering and exiting moving mode. folders do not disappear. This leads me to a conclusion that something concerning moving the icons around is not right. will test more.

UPDATE 0.2: Let's play House M.D.  !

In anyway, here's a conclusion.

"So, folders are fragile. Moving anything around one, can result in pushing a folder too hard. Now, i don't know how does springboard positioning work, but i'd say that folders app doesn't  write folders positioning (icon id or something?) (sometimes?) as intended. Also, we should check if libhide (that was the name for the add-on used for hiding springboard icons, was it not?) has something to do with it. I have this idea that maybe when you move an icon over the hidden icon, the folder breaks, or when you do anything that may refresh hidden icons positions, folder breaks. And again, it had lead me to conclusion that the problem lies in icon positioning. Icon position id of the folders, may not be compatible with something else. Rechecking the way that they write positioning in may help. Also, i'm interested in what is happening when an icon disappears into a folder. ofc, that is not natural behavior for ios, so i must think it is only an animation you have implemented, not a new api, service or whatever. From what i see, when an icon is dragged to a folder, first we must check if the folder will move aside, or will it trigger "the animation", if triggering animation, after animation, icon needs to hide from sb, icon, name and path are copied to the folders app. now what is happening with icon positioning when one disappears (goes hide)? If it is not dealt with correctly, would a bug just like this be the result?"

So, could you please tell me:
what exactly happens once icon is being held over a folder
once it's been recognised that we want to put it into the folder
what happens to the icon in hiding process (both from your part, as well as what happens from libhide's part)

iBlanks seem to make a lot of Folders glitches. (may be due to the hidden icon positioning id problems) I removed all my iBlanks, and removed the iBlank mod.

Update 0.3: A lazy script?
Okay, when i connect to iTunes (MacBook) on the apps tab, i see SOME of the apps from the folders (not one folder, and not all the apps), so this must be unfinished work by the libhide? Apply button is shown automatically, even if i change nothing, or have just finished sync. And when i do apply, nothing happens both phone-side and comp-side.
To me, looks like bad chatter between libhide and folders.

Also, just to mention, everything works, lagless,
I haven't had any one crash until now.

Ima gonna go to sleep now xD
it's 05:48am here xD

good night

Other than previous problems, no bugs for now. only opening lag, but not bad.

is there any hope of having more than 12 icons per folder?
firstly, is that possible to code, since i get the limitations of spb are heavy, and im not familiar with the program architecture itself)
if so, would that ruin this small opening lag?
also, could we see in folder icons moving soon? (same questions)

no crash till now.

Quote from: "Sniper&Assaulter"
Darlo, how u install syslog? I only found syslogd and I cant install coz get "subprocess extra-installation script returned error exit status 1"

How u install?

sry darlo, same error :/

Only bugs i have had, are that cydia in a folder for some reason doesnt see any packages, nor sources. respring, restart, hard restart.. not working.
after restore, next time i moved cydia to a folder, everything worked fine.

next thing, missing folder. simply vanished. Fixed this by uninstalling folders via ssh dpkg -P, since cydia was inside the folder.

no crashes for me.

after i had uninstalled folders, i installed categoriessb, but hay, since you need logs, i'll be happy to put folders back, and use them instead :)

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