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Tapatalk - Is this installed from the App Time Machine? The version in the ATM (v1.12.2) was working in August, just not the search function.  Is that the version you have?

It also happening to my ipod touch 1G, I get it on ATM, tapatalk always say.... "directory temporarily unavailable. Please try again later"

The more apps you have the longer it will take, but it shouldn't take more than a minute or two at most (that's what the old App Time Machine took for me).  Let the app sit for about 10 seconds before closing to home after installing apps :)

OK :D Problems Solved! 8)

Ok :) I am willing to wait.

How many apps do you have on your device?  It does need to rebuild the icon cache every time after installing an app sadly.

However, do you have "Use UICache on install" turned on in the App Time Machine settings? 
Oh, just saw your edit. :P  The previous version of the App Time Machine was much much slower as well and not secure for the server side of things ;)  They are still working out kinks in the current version though.  Depending how many apps you have installed, and if you close to the homescreen right away, it may not start rebuilding the icon cache as quickly.

Use UICache on install? no. but thank for the response. now I know. its only a matter of WAITING.  ;D

No, although something is in the works that could help with that :)

ah...... its also okay even it doesn't have toggle because I also don't want to disable it. :D Just hoping the virtual launch button is movable. :)

And if possible, consider my little suggestions :),10765.msg95226.html#msg95226

When I install any app in ATM and going back to springboard all my apps disappear for almost 3-5 mins, somethings it needs to respring to bring back with the newly installed app.

The previous version of ATM only makes springboard lags.

Also I dont like to use the uicache after installing because after that ATM will constantly crash until being rebooted.

Does it have configurator (whited00r settings) toggle? or some what settings toggle extension for enabling/disabling state?

I love to have it.... I'm willing to wait and pay the right amount.... :D And I'm also ready to buy the Assistive touch for armv6 devices. I really need it. hope it will be release perfectly sooner. :)

I am willing to pay the right amount if the assistive touch tweak have and can do the following: :D

1. Virtual home button with the same function as the one made by apple. Can single tap, double tap and hold the single virtual home button. NOT 3 separated button for the 3 function.     

2. Virtual Sleep/wake button that can simulate the press and hold the sleep/wake button. To make sleep (press) and turn off (hold) easier. Also single button. 

3. Shake button that can simulate the shake functionality. I guess it hard to do. But I believe on you.

4. Any button that you think helpul for us. 

5. The launch button must be movable to any side of the screen and must be visible all the time with semi transparent effect.

6. Battery, Memory, CPU effecienct. And stable enough to use.  

(Don't be mad of me. :D I just tell you my suggestion because for me that's the best. Don't worry I don't suggest again to make it for free. LOL :D I'm willing to Pay for the right amount for your work and Effort.)

Thank you in Advance sir RevivalDev and sir Bcooperizcool!!!

PayPal or Direct Card? Which is safer? Which can save more money if I use philippine peso and I will purchase an item with dollar price?

I found something

by bcooperizcool
Whited00r was founded about 3 or 4 years ago (I have only been here 3 years as a member), by the magnificent Mattewre

It started off with mattewre just wanting to share something he had made, a custom firmware that offered some of the looks of iOS4 (current firmware at the time) and some speed improvements.  He posted in several different forums with just a download link (I don't think he had a site yet).  That was accepted well, with people giving suggestions and such for a while, until he made a website and forum, which grew very quickly through the whited00r versions

Over time different ways of making the firmware look and act like iOS 4 were devised by him, including using a theme for circuitos for the app switcher, backgrounder, categories and simple wallpaper tweaks.

Once, a developer, Darlo770 (keeping the current identity safe because he isn't active here anymore and doesn't even have the source code),  came to the forums with the idea of coding the iOS 4 folders from scratch with a tweak.  This brought in lots and lots of users to help debug and such once it became clear that the developer could actually finish the tweak.  He didn't even know how to make a tweak before starting, learning everything as he went.   

After he made that, he went on to make a wallpaper tweak, and multitasking/app switcher as well.
Whited00r evolved with different features, such as a configurator (made initially by mattewre) to disable/enable different features of whited00r to get even more speed from the device.  There were many different version of this, even a GUI one at one point (made by me and mattewre), but it was too unstable due to the launcher at the time (Ch40s-Launcher, I didn't know as much shell back then so it wasn't as efficient/good as it is now).  This tool is now command line as the setup tool (made by mattewre and checked by me for spelling and such).

There were many different versions of whited00r, mainly focusing on speed in the 4.x versions, there was even a lite and full version of whited00r 4.2. Speed has also been worked on in other releases of course ;)

With the release of iOS 5, and reminders, developers Soltmeal and FinkMac (and a little help for 3.1.3 firmware by ApplePie) took it upon themselves to make a replica of the reminders application found in iOS 5.
This had many different versions and feature improvements along the way, released on the forums with major releases updated in the different versions of whited00r 5.
With the release of iOS6, this was updated to mimic that, and that is the current release, and the developers disappeared into the wild :(

Soltmeal also made a couple other applications, including a newstand app that showed whited00r related news :)  (that's the only other one that made it into whited00r).

Around whited00r 5, an iOS4 project was started by Applepie, and helped along by me for 4.x compatible devices.  This took several months of development, and resulted in several betas, and a currently unstable release for most :/  This is being developed by Soltmeal now, but I haven't heard anything from him :(

With the release of whited00r 6, several new tweaks are included, made by developer NobitaZZz  (I don't know his twitter), such as Sara, a Siri replica, Sharing Menu, for the iOS6 sharing menu, and then the FastAppSwitcher, which replaced the multitasking that Darlo770 made (so that backgrounder could be removed for speed).

Just a little history of the development/ideas/team ;)  (Not including myself much to keep the ego down to a minimum ;) )

Very patchy info of course, I can even think of more of the history off the top of my head, but it is long and such ;)  Maybe sometime I will have time to write a complete write up with the help of mattewre for the info as well (or maybe he will do an interview sometime :P  He is busy but you never know)

Sir please include the Full History, Date founded, changelog, and Some Pictures.... ;D

Sorry for a long explanation  ;) I just to tell you more about my suggestion.... why I suggest it?.... and how it will help WD users like me?......

I know you can make it...... I have trust in you.... But one more thing..... just make it FREE just like Control Center...  ;D

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