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I've just noticed that when I use the lock feature of assistive touch, and when I wake up my iPhone again, the launch button is positioned in the upper left edge of the screen, even that's not where I placed it, BUT when I used the physical lock button the launch button retains the position where I've put it.

is This a bug or not??? because I'm just annoyed of repositioning it again and again.. :)

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I don't know what would cause that, I'll have a look to see if I can replicate it though, and then see about fixing it for the next whited00r update :)

In the meantime, if it is horribly out of control, you can disable the "WD7Camera.dylib" in /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries by renaming it to "WD7Camera.disabled" and restarting the device.

thanks sir it works.... but ofcourse the ui is reverted..

at very first launch, the bug occurs.... when it is in safemode.... it doesn't do that..... even I am using camera apps from ATM... it also hanging....

7.1.2 at first... then now 7.1.3 but still hanging even after hard reset....

Any extra tweaks/mods installed on the device?

unregisted iFile and imsomia pro... but before i install them... the bug is there

Could you try reinstalling it? As I have literally no idea what would be causing this bug  :'(
And is it creating a .txt file where I said above? or does that still not exist...

I've reinstalled it several time in my both devices..... still doesn't work..... in my ipod1g it say copied to clipboard but its not...... in my iphone 3g doesnt say copied ..... just no reaction at all

Could you check and make sure you have Ericicas utilities installed in cydia. And that the copy / paste deamon is enabled.

Did you mean Ericas utilities? Yes.... and copy paste is on.... It doesnt work in my both iDevices,,, my iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 1G

I don't think any of those should interfere with the camera tweak...  Is location services on in the actual whited00r settings too, or has it been disabled since you allowed the camera to access location services?

Do you have any extra tweaks installed from Cydia?

LOcation Services is enabled in WD settings since fresh restore,

location service is on..... and I press ok when it ask me... but only for the first time.. (after fresh restore)

Wallpaper on
folders off
backgrounder off
app switcher off
siri off
banner notif off
unibar off
cc off
assistive off
cell data off

round s off
snapshot off
launch image off
lsbounce off
fade icon off
icon anim off
unlock anim on
icon shadow off

notifications settings

control center options

This is probably in part due to the camera UI tweak, although it shouldn't do this :o  It did it in beta for a little while, but I found the cause of the bug and fixed it.

What whited00r features do you have enabled?  Just want to see if there is a common thread between the bugs.  I only need the "Features" and "Visual" sections if you have messed with the latter.

You could also just upload the report of the whited00r debug script, which you can get using the module by iTechy21 from here:
iTechy21's Whited00r beta modules -New URL-

it still doesnt work even the last update..

still not working sir

When I'm opening camera app (by icon, CC and lockscreen), it frequently hangs the display... I mean when the launch animation ends... It will hangs in the first view seen by the lens. but when I press shutter, it will be fixed after the animation ends...... but sometimes not... It need to be relaunch to be fixed...

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When I open Voice Memos.... and start recording something.. and when I press Sleep button while its recording... then press it again.. it still recording but I cannot slide the screen to unlock it just slide to the opposite direction and stock to that.... I can only unlock it by opening either of the 3 apps in control center (clock, calc, or cam)....


It's now fixed. I changed the name of the folder the module is stored in and all I had to do was change the path to match the folder name.
It's been updates on my repo so feel free to download.

thanks .. I will try

could you check to see if there is a file in /var/mobile/whitrd00r and there should be a txt file.


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