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Many of us, even users of newer version of iDevices, are using iDevices that has a faulty or totally not working Home/Sleep buttons. In that case Apple developed a feature called 'Assistive Touch', a virtual button that simulate the function of different buttons like Home/Sleep button and many more. But the problem is 'Assistive Touch' is only available for newer iDevices that is running on iOS 5 and above. So iDevices running on iOS 4 and below will not able to enjoy the 'Assistive Touch' uses, even Whited00r users based on iOS 3.1.3 cannot enjoy it.

We all know about the Whited00r Control Center and its success. So by now, we know that making a tweak like Whited00r Control Center that will be above all application is possible by the help of our beloved Whited00r Developer team. So I think making a tweak that will imitate Apple's Assistive touch that will be above all other application just like Control Center is not impossible.

So I am pleasing Whited00r team to try making Whited00r Assistive Touch Tweak, for sure it will be one of the most useful tweak you may develop for us, because most of iDevices having that problem is the 1st & 2nd Generation iDevices due to what we called depreciation of iDevices, in my case I have an iPod touch 1st Generation that having faulty home button and I think its because of its age, I bought it about 6 or 7 years ago.

I know you will ask me, do I already try to use Ryan Petrich tweak named 'Activator'?, I will answer you a big YES, But that tweak have many bug like the iPod Controls in the LockScreen is not working. And by now Ryan Petrich is concentrated on developing that tweak to work without bugs for iOS 7 and not for iOS 3.1.3. I've tried to contact him many time to report that bug but he never responsed. And also that tweak is based on gestures unlike assistive touch that is based on a virtual button.

So whited00r team who focuses on iOS 3.1.3 has the power to make a Perfect alternative for Apple's Assistive Touch and Ryan Petrich's Activator.

Whited00r please make it for us, please help us enjoy using our iDevices more even we have hardware problems. 

Maybe I'll take the time to write up a page at some point, I've probably been around the longest (still active at least) aside from mattewre.   Actually, I know I am, aside from maybe a couple users who check in every now and then every couple months.

Sir After releasing Whited00r 7 Final release, Can you start writing it because it would be great.... whited00r will be existing on the most famous online encyclopedia.

Bug Report in Whited00r Itself Only! / Re: WD Forum Bugs & Suggestions
« on: January 04, 2014, 11:14:54 AM »
I suggest to make the forum especially in bugs forum to be divided in to 5....
iPhone 2G
iPhone 3G
iPod touch 1G
iPod touch 2G MB
iPod touch 2G MC

so that when we are searching for a solved topic that will help us to solve our Bus problems....

we will conserve time because we will not search for a topic in such a mixed forum...
we will also conserve data because we will not make our own topic that is already solve because we easily find the solved topic suitable for a device....

I know there's an advance search bar above... but we also love to browse Bug report, that we are affected.... for example if I am using iPod touch 1G.... I will love to browse Bug forum for iPod touch 1G only rather than browsing the whole bug forum that includes all the devices..... ALL DEVICES??? why I going to read Iphone bug if Im using iPod touch???? right??

Have you tried doing a hard reset?  Just hold down the home/power buttons at the same time until the device shuts off and then turn it back on.  Don't worry, it doesn't delete any user data, just called a hard reset because it clears out some things in the system that bug out sometimes.

Thanks its working by now......

Another suggestion.....
    We all know that you include some free cydia tweak in Whited00r 7... most are disabled as default.
Can you add also Ryan Petrich free tweak named "Activator". Many of us are having button failure due to depreciation of the phone.... (my iPod touch 1G is almost 7 years old)...... it will serve as an alternative for iOS 5-7 Assitive touch.

I know you will need to ask Ryan Petrich permission to include his tweak.... please try to ask him ;D

We where discussing this in the team room a few weeks ago :P
If any community members want to, go for it. Just remember to be neutral.

I want to make it but I dont know the whole history and aims..... maybe the founder can make it.....

When Whited00r is on wikipedia, it will be great......


After I install Whited00r 7 Patch v3, I've notice a bug in my Control Center...

1-When I tap play toggle, it will play a song but the toggle doesn't change to 'pause' sign

2-It doesn't show the song title immediately.... It will show the song title after it pull it down and wait for about 5-10sec to pull it up again and wait again for another 3sec..

3-When I tap next/previous toggle it will change song but it will not change the song title displayed (The title of the song I played before I tap next/previous toggle) but it will play the next/previous song, it only changes if I will do the same procedure just like on #2

The iPod Control in the control center doesn't work properly.. so I decided to uninstall the v3... but I can't install the v2 again... v2 is much better the v3..
-here are some screenshot of #3

I think whited00r should be on wikipedia...
WD team please make an article on wikipedia for whited00r aim, history and many more

I get that too after updating to the latest patch (V3)

I got that after updating to v2 patch


I'm not sure if this is a bug...
it just appears when I adjust volume in the Control Center.
i dont see that before just last night.


Battery charging icon behind the album artwork.


there is a word "- (null)" after the artist name...

*Notifications should be working :(  Really sure why they aren't picking up on the system notifications. Those apps do work :(

1. Transparent status bar is the best we can do because it's used in other apps.

2. The delay in play/pause is not our fault, the system only gives out information of song change so quickly. For the bigger button recognition area it wouldn't be so hard though :)  As for the track time, maybe, but it would slow down the system constantly checking the position in the song....

3. 3.1.3 doesn't give much in the way of being able to theme the keyboard.... 

4. It may not be added into whited00r, but instead may be made as a paid Cydia tweak/addon.  We do have all the pieces needed to make it though.

5.  The black background is realllllly realllly hard to change.  It's not anywhere in the file system as an image, and also has been difficult (as in it hasn't been) tracked down via code either :(

**Album art reflection has been attempted to be disabled, but it may bug out and show occasionally.

***iPod controls were not messed with theme wise. Even the titles for the normal popup alerts were hard to change, and they don't work all the time even.

*ok... I will try again....

1 OK :)

2 - I understand.
   - Thank you. I'm expecting.. :D
   - OK.... If it will affect the the main priority, speed, never mind it. :D

3 I understand...

4. Ok. I just wait and pay for for it.

5. I understand...

** ok. I will wait until you fix it.

*** ok. I understand, but it will be better if you could fix it :)

iPod Controls in Homescreen and Application

cant see toggle and the volume bar adjuster....

Another bug I see

the reflection of the album artwork appears.... the trick to hide it, is unstable.  :-\

and why it is in black background, I think it is better if there is a Background theme.. ;)

1. Glad it fixed a lot of the crashing bugs, that's a relief.  As for the passcode lock dots not matching the circles there, that's due to the lockscreen tweak shrinking down the slide to unlock bar because it has no slider otherwise the text is off-centered no matter the language of the device. The dots seem to use the size for the unlock slider :s   It will be looked into though, as that is a genuine bug (as I said, compiling a list of real bugs, not caused by a restore from a backup ;) ).

2. The photos app wallpaper bugs is hard to fix because of how the wallpaper tweak is hooked to make the blurred versions of the wallpapers (we don't actually have the source code to the wallpaper tweak and the developer is long gone).  We had to hook it via a tweak rather than running it inside the tweak at the points that would have made sense.

3. What apps are the notifications from that aren't working?  Are you in the app at the time of receiving a notification from the app?

4. The rest are small graphical glitches which will be hopefully solved in the next firmware update.  We are still waiting for a lot more bugs that people inevitably find, then we shall go through the list one by one and fix what we can :)

1. I didn't get that...... sorry :)

2. ok.... Im just Hoping you can fix that soon....

3. Facebook, Viber and Wechat.

4. ok.... Hoping also you will fix all graphics bugs.....

*by the way.....
5 suggestions for the next release.... :)

1. transparent status bar, just like iOS7

2. improve control center.
         -There's a delay in play/pause toogle.
         -Hard to tap (press or point) the iPod Controls because of it size (but I'm not suggesting to enlarge it, just make it easy to tap)
         -Put Song Timeline between brightness adjustment line and the iPod controls.

3. More lighter color for the keyboard background... just like iOS7.

4. Notification center just like iOS7

5. make the Lockscreen Background theme enable even its charging and when it plays song with album artwork.... (not black)

Thanks you sir bcooperizcool.... your the best! more power!

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