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I an currently looking into it...

it says copied to clipboard...... but actually not

1. That is really weird, I have no idea why that happens :o  That being said, that is probably one of the very few things we did not test for on whited00r, simply because I think none of us actually had a device capable of using that feature, or else didn't have the bluetooth speaker to connect to.  Does it fix when locking/unlocking the screen or toggling music controls?

2. Is this when the screen times out when they are sliding, or you force the device to turn off the screen by pressing the power button?  Control center at least should not do that, because it resets the position when the screen wakes up, although if it is on the lock screen I could see why it may not...  The camera slider is actually a known bug, which we did attempt to fix when we fixed the rest of the positioning bugs relating to when the screen turned off while sliding and the charging lock screen bugs in one of the first patches we put out for whited00r 7.  However, it does not seem to work :(

3. Is that the last image? :o Are you sure that is the lock screen? That looks more like an in app notification, which we did not program to work for landscape mode (control center, assistive touch and all the other tweaks don't work for landscape sadly).  I'm actually surprised it even did the rotation that it did judging by the screenshot.  That is more than it does for me :o

1. toggling does not help....... when I press sleep button the screenshot no.1 turn to screenshot no.2 (blue)

2. even screen time out do this

3.... sorry ..... I mean landscape...... I encounter it 2 times while watching videos

« on: June 22, 2014, 10:43:06 AM »
More Power Whited00r Philippines............!!!!!

debuger is not working for me...

1..... positioning bug in LockScreen Music Controls..... (When earpod pluged in ang bluetooth connected) (Speaker change)

2..... LockScreen camera slider and Control center stocks in the position when screen turns off while they are currently sliding.

3..... Banner notification in Lockscreen Landscape _ unfitted...

4..... (Commented below)

Edit by Bruan to provide more keywords in the title :)

Im currently out of ideas, but I would sugest that first end up the details in WD7.1. Once ended, i dont think that bugs on WD8 could be a problem. Im good with WD7, and WD8 would be a nice one.

PHJayvee1G idea seems the best to me. I love playing Solitaire while texting, so this would be awesome since i would not close Solitaire app  ;D

Thanks for Supporting!! :)

It was removed for a reason, because it conflicted with all the tweaks.  Because of the amount of things whited00r modifies even before you unlock the device, we needed a place to initialize everything before anything was really shown to the user.  We chose to use the lock screen to load up all the code, because everything is already loaded in the system, so we could then load up the tweak preferences.  (even icons are modified, and require a preference load up to work right)
However, the old respring toggle bypassed the lock screen, meaning none of the preferences were loaded up, and things started bugging out. Same goes for the SBSettings respring.

The advised way to respring now is to just use terminal to type in:
Code: [Select]
killall SpringBoard
then hit enter, and you have resprang :)

You can assign that to a quick action in the settings of the terminal app, so it is rather quick to use :)

THANKS sir.... yah i remember that after respring it goes to Springboard

Try getting an app called PowerApp. It provides a rather quick two/three button press. Hopefully it's a temporary fit until someone provides a better answer.

thanks but .... in WD 6 when you go to setting > general, there's respring toggle that you will just switch on and it will respring..... and that what I want to have in WD 7.1

There are 2 ways to respring
1)using fast app swicher remove the springboard card and it will ask you weather or not to respring
2)using manual multitasking slide to the left side till you see a sentence telling you to double tap to respring the double tap it (sorry I cannot provide you any screenshot because I am on phone)

Thanks but I dont use neither of two..... because of home button failure.....

How to bring back "Respring Switch" in General Settings. Like in WD 6.... Because its the shorter way to respring than tapping "Apply Changes" in configurator ang "Uicache" in ATM.... I downt want to download respring tweak in cydia....

I'm using too..... and also

HTML5 is not present in iOS 3.1.3 (wich whited00r is based on, even whited00r 7.1)

I have started working on a native flappy bird copy for whited00r 7 though, but it is not done (I need to create a gravity system, and figure how to ake stuff move properly on the screen). I am doing this all programmatically with only the old iOS 3.1.3's UIKit framework, I have no clue how much time it will take :(
But it will be free for sure and no ads :)

Thanks Idol!!!

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