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Amateur Developers / Re: iOS 8 theme for WD 7.1 UI v9.0
« on: July 01, 2015, 04:04:13 PM »
Really cool icon!!
The artwork thing is driving me crazy I get a lot of wired errors maybe I should try on a windows xp machine (don't know where to find one)....

Ok I searched the forums and got similar problems to your problem try those solutions till Bruan comes online (he is busy on Latest Whited00r)

Does it happne to other apps also? Try downloading the any other app if the same error error comes back reports it to us maybe our higher modraters can help you out (Bruan or iTechy21).If there is no problem installing other applications......
Delete the app which is gives you the error from the ATM (app store) and try reinstalling it again(or redownloading)then report it here....
And Welcome to the Forum :)

I'll help you out mate.... I am back on forums like I used to I'll see what I can do on tomorrow (Sunday yay!!!) but mine is a windows PC I'll se what I van do...oh and BTW hi there ;)

Thanks ankit :)
i was working on redd00r and my new lumia
redd00r is a mess so ill be back to whited00r soon


Looking at your user account I understand that you're Dutch, so the rest of my message will be in Dutch. If you don't understand it I could resend the message in English ;)

Verdergaand in het Nederlands :p Ik begrijp uit je forum-post dat je bezig bent met een vergelijkbaar project als Whited00r en dat je nog op zoek bent naar nieuwe teamleden. Hierbij laat ik weten dat ik je graag wil helpen. Ik maak al geruime tijd deel uit van het Whited00r team en merk dat het project enigzins is vastgelopen. De gedachte dat er meer mensen op de wereld zijn die hun kennis willen gebruiken om oudere devices bruikbaar te maken spreekt mij erg aan. Helaas ben ik niet in staat om te coderen  (ik zit meer in de web development kant), hoewel ik hier graag meer over zou willen leren. Op het gebied van Designing, moderating, organisatie en marketing kan ik gelukkig wel wat betekenen.

Graag hoor ik iets.
Hidde Z.
To make things easy
google translated!!
Continuing in Dutch : p I understand from your forum post that you are working on a similar project as Whited00r and you're still looking for new team members. It let me know that I want to help you. I make long been part of the team Whited00r and notice that the project is slightly jammed . The thought that there are more people in the world who want to use their knowledge to make usable older devices really appeals to me . Unfortunately I am not able to encode ( I'm more in the web development side ), although here I gladly would like to learn more about . In the field of Designing , moderating , organization and marketing , I can happily use some mean .

I would like to hear something.
Mvg .
Hidde Z.
thats what he ment
please try to keep the topic in english you know we are all not dutch...
cheers :D

Yes so safari is our only choice
And i think apple is paying youtube for this so the rest of us can upgrade to new devices.....

What type of icon is this can you upload a screen shot?

The problem isnt related to installing whited00r i guss i would recommend you to use redsn0w and iTunes 10 (which you are) and follow the instructions correctly and do check that all the ribbons are locked tight (it also happnes when it a bit loose)
good luck with that hope you find it helpful
please report if it works or dosent work so we can help you out........

Try doing it manually....

Wow it looks fabulous  :D
i am facing a wired problem
there is dust inside my phones screen IDK what to do about that? ???

The ATM has geekbench and whited00r will score 144 (according to me) :)

Whited00r dosent mess with the stock apple functions (they only theme it).....
if u can access ur  device files from ifunbox then follow this:

1. Connect your iPhone to computer and open iFunBox

2. Find and expand Raw File System

3. Go into /var/keychains and delete “keychain-2.db” file

4. Restart your iPhone
:D :D :P :) :)
Is that safe ?  ;)

I had used your theme for redd00r and yes it's a bit wired because the directory is different in iOS 3 and 4 so we will have to do it from scratch I am working on the coding part
And a bit off topic
Does your setting take to long to open up?

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