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it just says "Cannot Connect to Youtube", I try opera mini (proboly the fastest iphone 2g browser)
Opera mini is the fastest browser for all devices I use it on my iPhone 3G every day.....
It's bad that they are killing old devices :( ......

Before installing redd00r you'll have to refresh cydia and let it download the things it needs then after the reboot/respiring try installing redd00r if you get the error again try manually installing by searching them in cydia and installing them (which isn't required because after the refresh it would install everything it needs )

I did on iTunes 10

Now you believe me it does support iPhone 2G and it always will
If you want check it for yourself
If you have any problems installing it please ask us !

Whited00r 7 WILL RUN ON iPhone 2G....
Please check the download page again to get it...

Redd00r isn't that bad it has some graphical bugs here and there and some lags but overall it's a very nice package...

oh is it iOS 6 i thought it as Whited00r 6 :P

I'm pretty sure blackout has it's own website/forum in which you can ask.
edit: here it is, right under your nose.  :P
ya your right i think maslow will be the second one to post in that forum

Frankly i know :D Bruan restricted everybody but i will give you a clue
Workaround snipped

first of iPhone 3GS is not compatable with whited00r
secondly the about the crashes since ios 8 and the jailbreak saurik was working on it but now its better ;)

A quick question which may not sound to smart:
I know that it's possible to fake the firmwear by changing it manually, (e.x have it say ios 5 in settings while it's actually ios 3)
however installing any apps that require an ios higher then the actual firmwear will crash instantly upon opening.

However, if it's the same ios (faking it to look like 4.2 when it's actually 4.1), would it possibly work?  ???
It isnt a stupid question accatually its a good one  :D maybe yes since there is a very little API change and i suppose it would run..

Apperently yes iTunes 12 and above is not compatable with redsn0w!Redsn0w coudnt identify my device in DFU mode at all :( the screenshot attached will explain says about some missing file which does not include in the new itunes..
Could be that the whitedo0r .ipsw file is corrupted ?

see if the screen is blank and i dosent boot up when you try it it means it is in DFU you can restore the .ipsw without any problem...

I can't jailbreak on Mac :( everything worked I'm just on the apple logo with the spinning wheel and it won't go away ) I used the redsn0w that came with whited00r
i am on iOS 4.2.1 and jail broke my iPhone 3G with redsn0w and it worked perfectly...

I don't know why it's happening try restoring and then jail breaking it and do remember to load the correct firmware in redsn0w...

Hi people ! whats up?
i don´t think it´s necessary re-do a .IPSW of ios 4.2.1. Use the stable and fast firmware of Bl4ckOut, I used it the last year and believe me, it was really good.
I know how good it is ;) I used it about 5 months ago believe me it's not that good it was a bit slow thou...
Were gonna get reddoor back on its feet
I am with you :) I will help you in the way I can :) :D

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