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Amateur Developers / Re: Sirius an open source personal assistant
« on: March 28, 2015, 03:21:04 AM »
One thing it probably will lag as its not made for older devices :(
For now it is not made for any device  8)
for now its only for ubantu....

Possibly some mysterious source posted that :o
oh :-[ well yes that was a very sleepy [email protected] replying after typing a long post on microsoft community on a new iPhone :P

I can't jailbreak on Mac :( everything worked I'm just on the apple logo with the spinning wheel and it won't go away ) I used the redsn0w that came with whited00r
Thats wired!! the last time i did it worked (about 4 months ago) i will restore soon since the ipsw got deleted from my PC and my internet is down its very slow it takes 6 hours to download the ipsw :( by next month i will get my speed back then i will try
did you try holding down button and put it to safemode ? ???

What do you mean by iTunes is blocking jailbreaks on PS's so we cant use redsn0w to jailbreak ?
And sure we can use Archetype it also has a theaming engine or something like winterboard (have to ask Bruan for more info) but remember once it is installed if we uninstall it THE DEVICE WONT BOOT UP AND IT WILL BE STUCK IN RECOVERY LOOP OF DEATH!!! thats a small bug in the code :)

Thats wired  :o my device (iPhone 3G) dosent eat any battery at all when i respring... like SimulaYOOO said iOS 3 (or whited00r 7.1) has less battery backup than iOS 4 (stock) i would consider checking or replacing the battery and try doing a hard reset by holding power button and the home button till the apple logo appears... :)

thanks for recommending my repo to others... Really appreciated
Mention not  :-[

Hello and welcome to the forum!!
apperently we have a solution for this problem but please search befor posting ;)
Please follow this tutorial,12411.0.html
and uninstall winterboard via cydia... winterboard is not compatable with whited00r you can install the old version if you want (search on the forum  8) but you wont be able to install thems from cydia thou  :o )
 if you get stuck someware feel free to ask us  :D

Alright, is there a way to get Redd00r without WIFI ??
The only way is to use a cellular data or I there is a way to get the .deb files you can SSH into the device and install it via ifile...

I don't know sadly :( whited00r team hasant given any update at all...

Like iPH0NE_3GS I would become very laggy if you theme the whole springboard anyways I remember downloading it from sauriks archive I will upload it later :)

The servers for instagram and viber stopped accepting requests from ios 3/4 devices
Even for iOS 4 devics ! ? ???

i will restore to iOS 4.2.1 and test red00r...

Oh thats bad  :( didnt you check it when you bought it?

Now that's really wired  :(
Did you restore as a new device?
Does the phone heat up?
And extra tweaks installed?
How was the battery in Stock iOS?

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