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Hey everyone,
SBsetting is most used tweak [at least by me]
I think that most of the people have SBsettings installed on their iphone,
I saw BIG difference in SBsetting reboot and the reboot in the Multitasker,
Its like SBsetting Reboot is 30 seconds slower than the Multitasker Respring,
but Sometimes its hard to go in multitasking then slide through ipod screen n then keep holding it till u tap on screen while u can see the Respring text,
i was thinking if we can integrate our Respring into SBsetting respring?
I know WD dont suggest to use SBsetting app,but if we do this and add this on our Repo,then it will be useful to everyone (since i think many ppl use it).

We might need something like FOLDERENHANCER,which can make the folder have infinite apps..

Bug Reports - Archive / where are multitasking or folders?
« on: May 04, 2011, 09:12:37 AM »
I'm Newb on Whited00r.
I installed WD 4.3.1 on my 2G.But i don't see any multitasking or Folders or even springboard.
Do i have to manually install EVERYTHING?
Please help,im real Newb on this.

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