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I'm reading up on how to make .ipa's  ;)

Edit: Grr… crashing on my iPod right now… don't want to change the permission right know… On the other hand, the Icon looks better than on the simulator…

Oh Yeah… there is a secret about box! Try tapping Everywhere!

Edit 2: One more thing… I'm usually not available from 11:10 PM to 5:10 PM EST…

Well… just try to install the app…

I'll see If I can contact soltmeal

a wd user who just built a .app file of reminders in xcode that looks exactly the same... coincidence?

Aww man… I just found it right now… and I was working on it for like 3 days…

I'm not interested in ripping off people… I just downloaded the iOS 5 image and was fooling around when I figured out how to use my iPod for development without paying $100…

 Hey, this guy isn't much farther along than I am… maybe we could team up?

you just took this from soltmeal lol

soltmeal? What is that?

Well… I have no knowledge of Objective-C (but I am getting books from the library)…
Here is my attempt at a Reminders app… Made in Xcode… you can't do much with it… the checkboxes don't stay, you can't add stuff… basically, there is no code… just interface…
I don't know where to post images… and I don't wanna post videos :/ I dunno how to record the iOS simulator… anyway… here it is… Don't expect much…

It's a .app… I dunno how to pack .ipa's or .deb's

Please post/PM me any crash reports, etc


PS… If I haven't logged for a while (like in a week) it's probably because I am busy… I have several forums that I am active on… (do the mods/admins have the ability to send email to users? if so… you can notify me that way…

Yeah, he made one of me too, but I banned his e-mail as well :P

Hehehe… this is fun… Who was this poster again?

« on: July 10, 2011, 12:25:10 AM »
you aint the real bubblefighter get off the forum

fuck you awesomess

Aww… you didn't even try…

carlos .. kid just go back to your old routines like playing pokemon nd so on? ..

'Scuse me? Pokémon is just for kids? I think you mean "Yu-gi-oh/Digimon"… just don't insult the Pocket Monsters… after all… Nintendo is working on a Pokémon app for iOS…

Just forget about the Carlos… henceforth, in the Whited00r Forums, "Carlos" is slang for "liar"  ::)

Dang, how come I'm always late for these threads?

Will Whited00r for iPhone 3Gs?

Why? Why would you want to install Whited00r on the 3GS when the 3GS runs iOS 4/5 just fine?  :o

If any iOS 5 Images/Textures/Files are needed, just ask me… I have the decrypted 5.0b2 3GS image…

Apple's Products Emporium / Re: Let's help our friend graduate :)
« on: June 23, 2011, 02:12:13 AM »
No problem…

Archives / Hello there!
« on: June 23, 2011, 02:05:17 AM »
Hello, Finkmac here… New user… Like the site… Installed WD from Cydia…
I am A former non-Jalbreaker who first Jailbroke this march so that I could extend the useful life of my 16 GB iPod Touch 1G… I first Jailbroke with PwnageTool… And was dissapointed when GPSPhone did not work… so I re-Jailbroke with… Uhh… Spirit… However I noticed this site back then as well… I did not install WD, due to the fact that it Uses PwnageTool… I eventually found Darlo's Folders, Multitasking, And Wallpaper… Which I installed and I later installed the Cydia version on Whited00r… That is all…


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