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Amateur Developers / Re: Yet another iOS 7 Theme. (But with iOS 7 Font)
« on: November 16, 2013, 06:52:15 AM »
Since I got the font to work without a tweak, I am sure I can change the color of it too :/

Nope. Color is based off UIColor and it requires a Tweak to modify that.

Is it possible to delete posts by myself by clicking a button? Because I don't know how :/

You can't delete a post on your own if you didn't start the original post.
In order to delete a post, you must be the original poster. You'll then see a [Delete] on the top right corner of the post itself.

Please specify your problem further more.

When you're trying to press the pause button, is the Stock Music Playing? or is it another music source?

Also, this topic was moved out of the Free Forums and into the Troubleshooting Forums as it is about a problem a user experiences that requires troubleshooting. ;)

Never had the wallpaper tweak enabled, and if it didn't support Ios3 I think it would have said so in the tweaks download page.

Nope. Not always. Though most likely.

Some /rare/ developers will often forget if it supported a specific version. Or tend to just leave out the dependency (due to laziness, etc)

Your best bet it to Google for a definite working version, or find out if the version you have is compatible with it.

It's in some framework I cannot remember off the top of my head.

Pretty sure it's a framework though :p

Amateur Developers / Re: robo's iOS 7 via Manual Themeing (in progress)
« on: November 06, 2013, 06:27:25 AM »
@Andy thank you, i look up to you.

Why Thank You :) XDXD

Amateur Developers / Re: robo's iOS 7 via Manual Themeing (in progress)
« on: November 06, 2013, 03:42:15 AM »
Just a lil hint ;)
  • A download must be available within 3 days

Also, I can see good sharp icons in this. Much better compared to most ones on the forum (sorry, y'all)
This clearly has a good border, and not a thin line of another colour. (Look closely and you'll see the difference. Yes. It matters. Detail is everything)


It's not that many people and no ussually the survey's got no files :( & it has not that much vews and it has like 7 dislikes...
its 99.99999999999999% fake bs!

 The thing itself is 100% fake! but survey's are 99.999% fake

I've come across 1 survey once that got me the file I needed (by doing a special "hack")

Yeah you may be right , but i  still hope someone can pass the surveys  :P LOL

you can't "pass" the survey. Surveys make you fill out the things for nothing. There is no download, or an actual file. It's just fake.
The surveys make you input your own information which is sent to Spambots, which then, you will most likely start to get Spam mails.

Yeah i know that , but so many likes and no coment like lier or it's a scam nothing  ! Hope it isnt a scam anyways .

YouTube has a moderation comment feature. He can approve the comments he want and the ones he don't want.
That guy probably has tons of accounts to get the likes up. (or has some bots to do that)

Here's a hint. When something has a survey, its 99.999% a scam ;)

Why do we spy everybody?

BTW: just saw the total posts of all the whited00r forums and BCooper has the 10% of them all!!!

im not spying anybody. im just being a moderator and controlling the forums.

Or maybe i got a flying camera?
How would you know? I said. There are logs...

I know that you are using some device with screen on the WDF and just saw the ios 7 theme for ios 3 topic!!!

How creppy huh?

No. That's called looking at the Who's Online page = ="

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