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Do you have any firewalls/antivirus that filters outbound connections?  It may be one of those is blocking connections to the apple restore servers, either router side or computer side.

Okay, that's great. However, I turned on my iPod Touch 2G just a few minutes ago.

Any way to tell whether I'm on 7 or 7.1? I'm asking as I haven't used mine in 6 months. Briefly installed and played around with 7/7.1 when it was released. Then I turned it off, and sat on the shelf unused for a while. Now that I've given one of my more recent Android phones to a relative, I thought it would be a good time to bring my iPod out of storage. Had to charge it first, of course.

Also... any more development going on with Whited00r these days?

Check if there are any updates in Cydia, as the 7.1 update is via Cydia as far as I remember.

There will be some eventually, to port the work from Grayd00r to provide a more open platform for anyone else to customize the device indefinitely.

I set it as new device

If you can, install activator and assign actions so you don't have to use assistive touch, then disable assistive touch and see if that fixes your issue.

With that enabled, you can loggin into the Mail app.
But when I try to login onto my Google account on Safari (classic page, like or, I got an error message which says that my cookies are disabled.
My cookies are always enabled on Safari.
Any solution ?

Not sure about that one I'm afraid :s


The Download Links r not wrkng

By the way I would like  2 change boot logos ,,KIndly Suggest me Myn is Iphone 3g

You can get it from here from the looks of it:

Redsn0w Downloads

Welcome to the forums :)

Your first issue is unsolvable I'm afraid :(
You can't run apps that require a newer firmware than 3.1.3 as whited00r only provides the look and feel of iOS 7. (running the real iOS 7 is not possible sadly)
[50% Solved] WhatsApp WD6 Problem - Partially Working Update!

The second issue you seem to have already tried the solution by allowing insecure logins.
Re: Google+ App iOS 4.2.1 - Cookies Are Disabled

When you're logged into your Google account, go to this page:

Then under "account permissions," select "enable" for the "access less secure apps."

That solved my problem to access gmail again on my older iPod touch when I got the same bogus "cookie" message before too.

The reason why this happens is because - according to Google:

"Google may block sign in attempts from some apps or devices that do not use modern security standards. Since these apps and devices are easier to break into, blocking them helps keep your account safer.

Some examples of apps that do not support the latest security standards include:

The Mail app on your iPhone or iPad with iOS 6 or below
The Mail app on your Windows phone preceding the 8.1 release
Some Desktop mail clients like Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird
Access your account

To help keep your account secure, we may block these less secure apps from accessing your account, and you’ll see a “Password incorrect” error when trying to sign in. If this is the case, you have two options:

Upgrade to a more secure app that uses the most up to date security measures. All Google products, like Gmail, use the latest security measures.
Go to Allow less secure apps and choose “Allow” to let less secure apps access your Google account. We don't recommend this option because it may make it easier for someone to gain access to your account."

So it could be something else has changed and disabled the login capability entirely. 

Do you know what happened before you got into the boot loop?

Is it a recovery mode type boot loop, or just from removing some system files?

Is it detected by the computer at all?  You could try holding down the home button as you plug it into the computer if it isn't, and keep holding it for up to a minute or more to see if it can enter recovery mode (might not work though)

I'd say the battery still doesn't hold enough charge for a restore then :(

Wait i think when i plug it, t stays on the charge sign 4-5 minutes and then get stuck on apple logo

That's good, leave it there for a few hours and see if it still stays there even after you unplug it.

Tech Talks / Re: [Review] The Onplus One. A flagship killer...
« on: February 04, 2016, 06:18:13 AM »
the nex Oneplus X is also a good phone

Yeah, although it is basically a OnePlus One hardware wise.

Direct, orignal cable

Does it restore to stock 3.1.3 without issue?

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I have a question about Whited00r 7 on my iPod Touch 1G. I like the app-compatibility and home screen background aspect of Whited00r 7, but want to disable the iOS 7 theme. I prefer the classic look of iOS. I've checked in Cydia and the WD settings but have had no luck. Is there any way to do this or should I downgrade go WD 6?

Welcome to the forums :)

No, you can't disable the iOS 7 theme unless you disable many other system tweaks too as they all tie in together to the UI tweak itself (for memory reasons mostly, and a couple other things). I can't remember entirely what you need to disable off the top of my head though.

If you do that, you then will get white on white buttons and text, and the UI in general won't look good unless you apply a winter board theme or swap out all the modified system files which even I don't entirely know what was modified.

Downgrading to WD6 will mean you can't use the App Time Machine or any other new features :(

That doesn't sound right, it should still hold a charge for longer :(

Hey guys, a bit late to the party.  I just pull out my iPhone 2G and it had Whited00r with iOS 3.0 on it. 
I am getting an error 2002 on the newest iTunes and such.

Any help here or should I use Windows with an older version iTunes?

Are you going through a USB hub rather than directly plugging in to the mac?

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