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Not sure there is still someone around, but I still do use my 3G with whited00r quite happily, even if only as tertiary phone.

Anyway, this is a workaround to see YouTube videos I've thought of a few weeks ago, it works quite fine!
It works fine even on a stock iOS 3 and probably on many devices that are in similar dire straits.

1) First of all, copy your youtube URL. YouTube search actually still works fine using Opera Mini.

2) Now switch to Safari and head for . Similar services might work too, but some doesn't and many are not friendly to our old devices.

3) past the URL in the "videolink" field, then chose "video - mp4" as format and 360 as quality. 460 works too and probably 260 will do as well, higher doesn't.

4) Click on the button  and wait a few seconds. When the video is ready click on "download" and it will play!

This is the situation: my power button is broken, so I rely on activator to lock the phone. HOWEVER, the latest versions of activator (since around one year) aren't actually compatible with iPhoneOS 3, if I install it the phone doesn't answer to any input until I get into safe mode and remove it.

I've reverted to an older Activator, but the behavior still happens randomly on rare occasions, occasions when my 3G can end up useless: calls are received and messages displayed, but I can't unlock the phone or do anything until I can connect to a computer and reboot it with recboot or something similar. As said, power button is broken, so I can't do an hardware reboot.

This is not a whited00r problem: happens on stock iPhoneOS 3 as well.

My idea: sending myself (with another phone) one of those Unicode SMSs that can crash CoreText and respring that way. However, none of those I could find online so far seems to work for me, the text displays fine with no crash.

Any known string that will crash the particular version of CoreText used in whited00r?

Haven't tried, but if they do they will be extremely slow and won't offer the same level of functionality, no doubt.

I see that Google is going to discontinue the old Maps Api at the end on January.

Does anybody know if this mean that we're trough with maps? :(

but it was fully charged

It should be in /System/Library/Fonts. I couldn't tell you what the font names are that were modified though. I can warn you that any fonts that are put back into there have to be compatible with 3.1.3. Normal PC fonts typically aren't compatible and will end up bricking your device so it doesn't boot completely. You also have to make sure you have the proper permissions and ownerships on any new fonts you copy over to replace the current ones.
You do not want to replace all the fonts in there though.  Only a couple were changed from the stock ones.
(you can still restore old fonts via iFunBox or similar if you do end up bricking the device, if you backed them up first, or you will have to restore)

Thanks. :)
I'm kinda getting used to it, actually, so won't do it for now.
Yes, but it requires a lot of hassle in unpacking the other.artwork file and then finding and modifying the images to the original ones, and then repacking it.
If you want to unpack it there are tutorials on the forum on how to do that.
I guess this applies to the video UI as well? Can't say I like much the new one…

I think the links in the tutorial still work. The actual program should work too seeing 3.1.3 hasn't changed ;)
How to edit the iOS 3.x .artwork files
Oh well, I'll survive, can't spend that much time on that.
Using iFile or some other editor for the device, open up /Applications/ and look for something that looks like
Code: [Select]

I'm not sure what else is in that section, so only remove the
Code: [Select]
portion of it and save it.
Make sure you do not remove any extra characters otherwise you will break the syntax in the file and you won't be able to launch the app at all!

you may have to reboot, or run
Code: [Select]
in terminal (not as root), and then reboot for it to show up.
Done it, thanks.

Ooo... that doesn't look so clean.  We didn't even edit that old music control section because you can change tracks and volume via control center now (or via the old app switcher option).
Control Center doesn't work with activator, so you are stuck sliding it up from the bottom of the screen for now sadly :(


A couple of things I've noticed today…

First, the button to make maps show you your location is no longer there, if I tap to were it used to be (bottom-left corner) the applications crashes. Location dot works perfectly, but I have to ind other ways to enable it (such as asking "current location" in directions).

Secondly, today I was following some directions on maps, I switched to the phone app with a double click on the home button to show the app switcher and the screen became black. I could not lock the device (remember: mi lock button is KO and I use activator) nor go back to springboard, I could however switch app using the shortcuts on notification center. I think it's the second time something like this happens…
I don't have backgrounder enabled at this moment.

By the way: how can I change the shortcuts in notification center? I have little use for the calculator being there, but could be a good idea to have a terminal instead…
Also, is it normal that the do not disturb option just answers "sorry, this feature is not available"?

found it eventually, and it was locked there somehow.

For possible future users with the same problem: with multitasking mode set to manual (not io7 syle) double press the home button to go to the app switcher, then swipe right, music controls and lock will come up.

Español / Re: Whitedo0r en Iphone 3GS MC637E/A
« on: November 11, 2015, 01:48:43 PM »
Unfortunately Whited00r is not compatible with iPhones 3Gs

No falls and no water. Yes, could be an hardware failure, but still hope (especially because of that time it started booting). :(

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