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I've just installed GPSphone 7.1.3 on my iPod Touch 2G (iOS 4.2.1 and works) and wanted the same on my iPhone 2G (WD 6).
It installed itself, and opens but when I want to start a rom it just crashes. :(

Does anybody has a solution for this ? :(

Edit by bcooperizcool to provide more keywords in the title :)

I've installed Skyfire Web Browser from AppTimeMachine and I was really impressed about that amazing app ! :o
I've startet a TV Livestream on the internet through the app and it startet the flash video.
The first time when I started the App there was a little ad which used to disappear after 30 seconds, at the second start there was no ad and the video just startet... But now the video won't play because it says I've got an AdBlocker enabled, but I didn't installed anything like that. :O

I can't see where the problem is, so I would like to hear some suggestions, before restoring my iPhone. :(

Today I decided to turn on folders the first time. When I created folders everything was fine but when I wanted to rename one of them, springboard just crashed. I've tipped in the new name and when I wanted to save it, springboard crashed.
And now everytime I want to open a folder springboard crashes. I disabled folders again with terminal but now I have still the folders and the same apps without folders.

So what shall I do ? How can I remove the folders and/or make them to not crash the springboard?

Suggestions for the Next Whited00r Version / Multitasking
« on: February 14, 2013, 05:26:49 PM »
Maybe you should add a choice for multitasking ?
SARA and Fast App Switching are kinda useless to me, since SARA's only good features are weather forecast and details about famous persons and/or places.
There should be a choice between:

Multitasking OR Fast App Switcher AND SARA;

I don't want to install Activator just for Multitasking :/

And I think many other people want back multitasking, too ... I wanted to switch to Ap0calypse (made by the devs of Bl4ck0ut Custom Firmware) because it has Multitasking,
but whited00r is just cooler :)

Suggestions for the Next Whited00r Version / whited00r theme ?
« on: February 14, 2013, 02:13:10 PM »
Maybe you could add an own whited00r theme ? not just copy ios6...
i know you want to give users with old devices an ios 6 feel but it would be really cool to have an own whited00r theme...
you know greenp0ison and sn0wbreeze... they have their own boot logo.

since bcooperizcool (Brian Cooper) developed "Regenerate" you could add a choice option between original iOS theme or original WD6 theme ? I really want whited00r to have its own theme. I've created two wallpapers just to have a little "whited00r 6 feel" and not just another apple theme.

and this one .... the slogan is taken of a signature by another member :P

I've added them to the other wallpapers in settings app.
I know they're not very good but I just wanted to have "whited00r" as a text on my home- and lockscreen and created those two pics ( and thumbnails) in 2 minutes with .... PAINT :3


I was wondering if the Akinator servers are down or does the app check the app version ?
Because the version in AppTimeMachine tells me it couldn't connect to server. :/

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