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Yes, but my Wifi is very slow, this method doesn't needs a Wifi connection on the iPhone.

Well there's a way to do it with Windows, but it's really hard and I didn't get it working...

Well the Safari Web version of facebook is kinda like the app... maybe there are some things which iOS 3.1.3 is just too old for ?  ???

What is your internet speed on your iPhone?  Or is this over 3G/Edge?

I don't think it's because of his internet connection... I am trying it with my iPhone 2G WD6 WiFi connected, and it's the same problem. And don't tell me my internet connection is too slow, it's very fast. :P

Do i have to use Linux?
I tried to run it on a Vmware but i couldn't.
Is there another way to do this without Linux?
On iPhone 3G

Look at post #12 please. :)

Does this work for itouch 2g

The WhatsApp Number Verification didn't work without inserted SIM card for me, so I think it wouldn't work for iPod. :(

I think it won't work, because you alsways need the latest app version for an online game. :/

Also, if you use this, you will be able to toast some bread, or warm up a slightly cold and damp sandwich from a convince store.

Oh yea, my iPhone gets really hot after 3 minutes...

When I type in my phone number it says 'SMS verification failed'.
And when I tap on 'Call me' it neither works.
I don't have a SIM card inserted do you think it's because of that ? I am using my SIM card with another phone because I don't have a SIM card slot for my iPhone. :/

Installed iDroid this way:

1. Go to Cydia and install Bootlace from BigBoss repo.
2. Exit Cydia and start Bootlace.
3. Bootlace will do some processes and tell you to reboot.
4. After reboot start Bootlace again.
   4.1 Tap on OpeniBoot and install it.
   4.2 After installing OpeniBoot, tap on iDroid and install it.
5. After installing iDroid you can go to the "quickboot menu" in Bootlace and boot iDroid from there,
    or just reboot your iPhone/iPod and choose the OS to boot (choose with volume buttons on iPhone and with lock button on iPod and confirm with Home button).

Worked for me. :)
And if your W-Lan is password protected, it should be WPA or WPA2, it won't connect to WPE. :/

On my iPhone I am already logged in, but on my iPod I am not, although it's the same Instagram app backup made with iTools. :(

iPhone 2G Whited00r 6 (works), I don't know why but it's not working on my iPod Touch 2G iOS 4.2.1 jailbroken.

OK, iDroid works but when I want to boot iOS it is stuck in recovery mode  :(


I used TinyUmbrella and now I can use my iPhone on iOS again.
But how can I enter OpeniBoot now?


Sorry just rebooted and find the answer of my question. :D

Can I install iDroid just with Bootlace from their repo, or do I need all these steps with Ubuntu ? :o

I hate these people! -.-

I can install Instagram from a backup made with iTools and I am already logged in, but what should people do who never had Instagram before ?! -.-

Apple is the world meanest company!

Nope you can use IM+ which is best in my opinion

And the only working when I checked the messaging apps the last time. :D

Please could you make a video tutorial for it ? I don't know what to do at points 9-10, since the iPhone is not useable when in recovery mode  :o or am I wrong ?

And did anybody already tested it ? I am really thankful for this tutorial since all my friends have WhatsApp just I don't. :/

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