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Amateur Developers / [WEB APP] iPhone apps (iOS 6) to your iPod [BETA]
« on: October 26, 2012, 07:11:40 PM »
Hi all,

I'm here to introduce you guys to an Web app. It is actually the same as CPVideoMaker's one, but with some more apps.
(So I actually want to ask CPVideoMaker to work together to make a working passbook)

The apps so far:
- Messages
- Phone
- Camera
- Passbook

I developed this earlier without passbook, but now added CPVideoMaker's passbook to it. Just view the screenshots:

1. Go to iPhone/iPod/iPad web browser
2. Enter this link: (Will be made easyer soon)
3. Select an app you want, and then click the 'Share' button (You will be prompted)
4. Done!

Greetings to you, Niels97Oet

p.s. I am aware of the black edges on the apps, fix is on the way :)

Hi all,

I'm a designer who wants to help on such projects as whited00r, so is there anything I can do??

Just let me know, I'm experienced in the following:
- HTML and CSS
- Creating Websites for MobileDevices
- Photoshop, Designing images, GUI, etc.
- Maybe more, just ask :)

Please let me know,



Help, please, and Hi all...

I'm new to the forum, and when I see a nice topic, and I want to download the app, they say it's at the bottom of the page.
I really can't find it.  :o
Help is appreciated.

Greetings!  8)

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