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I'm sure framerate doesn't matter as long as it's =<24

If you have an ad blocker try disabling it as it has caused issues in the past. If that doesn't work try again later and see if that fixes your issue...

You need to be plugged into a computer to even get into DFU mode. And your forgetting you need to keep holding the home button until the PC detects it.
Try a quick Google to getting into DFU mode and there are video tutorials

Apple just wants us to buy newer devices so they can make more money (like they don't all ready have enough money) so they did this.
No Apple didn't. Things change and old insecure things get replaced by more secure, better things. It's the basic cycle of technology...

iTunes shows my 1G serial as N/A when wiped as it can't get the data.
Try using the redsn0w that came with the zip only the Windows PC (and ignore the update prompts) and its its in extras and select PWNED DFU and it should work. and try restoring back to stock rather than flashing the Whited00r firmware.
If that doesn't work try the new cable and lastly disable your antivirus as a last resort and see if it works (don't forget to re enable your antivirus!). If that  doesn't work there is something else you can try but its a bit more complex...

Are you using the tool that comes in the zip that you downloaded?

What do you mean 'Coded from scratch'?
For a different iOS it would require a full "re write" to make it anywhere near compatible with iOS 4x so it would "start from scratch"

Basically start again

I'm new on whited00r and jailbreak, so thank you guys for all clarifications to my gaps (and for future gaps I'll do)

Well, I have to accept that WhatsApp will never run on my 3G, isn't it?
I found some articles on the web about restoring WhatsApp on 4.2.1 version, one of them was about using iFile, going in System/Library/CoreService, then finding the file SystemVersion.plist, opening it as a text and rewriting firmware number from 4.2.1 to 4.3. This trick, they say, will fool the AppStore and agree to download WhatsApp on 3G. I'm not pretty sure it can work but I'd like to hear a concrete opinion
That wouldn't work on 3.1.3 as the frameworks are different. But feel free to give it a shot on iOS 4 :)

Thank you very much for posting back how you solved your issue :D not many people do!
Glad you fixed it yourself too ;)

Whited00r isn't actually IOS 7. It is a heavily modified 3.1.3. As for whatsapp support you need to blame them for it not working as they have dropped support server side and are not sending activation texts...

No announcements yet... (We also tend to avoid posting announcements until we have something to show as well such as a final product)
As for beta testing its likely to be a closed beta for team members only. And when deemed safe enough their is a possibility for a selected beta for experienced members that may appear (this has been discussed before). But in the end it depends on what Matt (the whited00r founder) says...

Amateur Developers / Re: iOS 8 theme for WD 7.1 UI v9.0
« on: July 07, 2015, 08:59:28 AM »
You can use a Virtual Machine with Windows XP, you can find the ISOs easily...
Or you could use boot camp on a Mac ;)
Just remember the rule on warez and piracy and our sance on it :)

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