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Title: iPod Touch Releases
Post by: metsgl on October 05, 2010, 11:21:08 PM
v 0.9 (Only with few features like Springboard Wallpaper)
v 1.0 (Integrated Multitasking)
v 1.1 (Improved Multitasking)
v 1.2 (Stable Firmware, with Battery Percentage option added
v 1.3 (Bugged with error)
v 1.4 (Added Multitasking Extention)
v 1.5 (fix problems of 1.4 and 1.3 and improved)
v 1.6 (Fixed Problems of v1.5, Improved of translations, tweaks, activator and more minors)
v 1.7 (Alphanumeric Passcodes, Updated Backgrounder, Fixed Positioning of Dock Icons)
v 1.8 (Icon Shadows, Updates to Desktop/SMS, Backgrounder and Cydia)
v 1.8.1 (Bug Fixes)
v 4.0b (Integrated Darlo's Folders, Simple Background replaces Desktop/SMS, Flash Videos in Safari)
v 4.0.1 (Updated Folders, Activator and Folders work out of box)
v 4.1 (Stable Firmware, Updated Simple Background, New Cydia)
v 4.2 (Integrated Darlo's Multitasking, Downgraded Backgrounder to Remove Activator)
v 4.3 (Integrated Darlo's Wallpaper, Updated Multitasking, Reflective Dock, Updated Cydia)
v 4.3.1 (Updated Folders, Wallpaper and Cydia, Wi-Fi Bug Fixed)

v4.3.1 is the last FULL RELEASE