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I'm getting a iPhone 4s soon.
It's really worth it, the only downside is that no jailbreak is available at this time, I can't wait for it to come out.

Games I'm playing

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (in progress)
Minecraft (in progress)
Modern Warfare 3 (Campaign done but sometimes MP)
Battlefield 3 (Campaign done but sometimes MP)
COD 4 (Campaign done but sometimes MP)
Gears of War (Campaign done but I'm doing it again)
Assassin's creed Revelations (Campaign done, 92% of full sync, still playing around in the game)
RuneScape (PvP sometimes)
Assassin's creed Brotherhood (Campaign done, 96% of full sync, sometimes but rarely playing around in the game)
Crysis 2 (Campaign done but sometimes MP)

Games I'm waiting to come out

Prototype 2
Ghost Recon : Future Soldier
Far Cry 3
Final Fantasy XIII: Versus
and more...

Archives / Re: SiriF [Alpha] (Sneak Preview)
« on: December 30, 2011, 07:47:36 PM »
You sir, are a freaking genius developer ;) Keep it up broh :)

Hey guys, it's me again ^.^ After a long time I decided to upgrade my iPhone to the new gen iDevices (more specifically the iPhone 4S) and it is great! I was totally impressed by the look, the speed and of course, the image quality (retina :))) The difference compared to the iPhone 2G was huge, the only thing missing at the moment for the 4S is the jailbreak but I guess it'll come out soon. Since I got my new iDevice, I guess I could help with developping whited00r (yeah, in no way I'm going throw my iPhone 2G away).

Guys I it's really worth it if you are owning old gen iDevices (iPhone 2G, iPod Touch 1, iPhone 3G, iPod Touch 2), and I'm not sure it's worth it for the newer ones.

Do you own the new iPhone 4s? What are YOUR thoughts about it? Are you planning to buy one? Do you need to know something about it? I'm open to all your questions :)


Whited00r won't allow piracy, that's why he hided the link ;)

Please, search for topics on the forums, we already explained thousand times how to fix 16XX errors...
And same for the display FW, saying it is 3.1.3. But owell, I'll repeat it, WD is a custom FW for 3.1.3, it isn't iOS4 Based.

Had that before, tapping on it a few times made it work (don't tap like a monster though). I did that a few times for a month or so, and now it seems to work fine. I'm not sure it'll work though.

Need help with optimizing?

Requiem for a dream, kind of freaky, but it's totally a must-movie ;)

Still alive ^.^ I'm soon buying an iPhone 4S, means that I might get back in iPhone developping and stuff :) I'd be happy to help :)
But this is not sure yet.

Anyways, I'm installing WD5 atm :)

Archives / Re: Tweaks that you jailbreak for
« on: November 06, 2011, 05:56:09 PM »
I jailbreak because, the jailbroken tweaks are the future, every single tweak is just crazy. The proof that jailbroken tweaks are the future is simple, apple hires tweak creators (Peter Hajas: creator of MobileNotifier).

Whited00r Development - New Apps & Features / Re: Real Folders Images
« on: October 04, 2011, 08:58:47 PM »
No problem, i did that with pleasure :)

At least brian's posts were useful :P

Thanks for all your replies, and remember, you were great mates, it has been a pleasure working with you :) I'll try to keep an eye on the forums, and I always use whited00r on my iPhone btw, so yeah.

I was thinking of making a timeline of the whole whited00r evolution to see how much the whole WD team progressed :) I'm sure we'll be very impressed.

Hey guys, its me again, sorry for my long go, I just wanted to say that I'm still living :)

I might say, I was quiet depressed for the last months for personal reasons, that explains my long go.
Well unfortunately, I'm not sure I'll continue my activity in these forums, as the spirit of the forums drastically changed since a while :S The forums are slowly dying (in my opinion). I might come and sometimes check the forums. I want to thank you all for the great job you made, all the old whited00r users, you were such a great a team.

For all you new whited00r users out there, you must realize that you have a great team, so respect them for there work.

Big thanks to: Brian (bcooper)
                       Justin (justin case)
                       Jamie (darlo770 that unfortunatly has quit too)
                       and all you other whited00rers out there :)

See you, keep it up Whited00r!


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