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I started a new thread in the App Time Machine section, it's probably a more appropriate place. I'm going to put your screenshots in my new thread, let me know if you want them taken down.
No problem, you can use them. We need to announce this

Hello, so how can we install these apps? Cause i restored my device, but i have the file from var/mobile/Applications of my old apps(i backed up) but when i imported thefiles the apps are just crashing and won't open. I know ATM, the safari advanced search method and a few sources only for downloading apps... Hope these problems will be fixed. Bruan did you contacted the ATM devs? Cause i didn't saw a "help" or contact button on theur website :-/

I will do a fresh install of Whited00r and then get you the files. :)
Hello, thanks, but i already restored and i noticed another problem now, that ATM isn't working, do you have this problem?:,13097.msg110279.html?PHPSESSID=sheln2fnc4iq5aspt499jlkil5#new

I'm pretty sure the files there are unique to your device. The only way to get them back is to restore :(

Eventually when I clean up Grayd00r (who knows how long for that. ages still probably) I'll make it so you don't have to reinstall to fix that because the grayd00r method is much better.
Hello, thanks so i restored and i'm good but there is a problem. AppTimrMachine doesn't work in WD anymore, please help, i reported this bug and this is the topic: (sorry im trying to post the address but it redirects me to the main page, please look in the bug report section and read the latest post refering to apptimemachine),13097.msg110279.html?PHPSESSID=rtgrv52b0rns1lptqoeq24s2j0#msg110279

Hello, when i try to download and install an app(no matter what app) atm says can't unzip the ipa. But when i look in the downloads there is a php file, and not a zipped ipa. And i opened that document with ifile app(you can see what is written in it). Hope ATM devs will fix this soon...

Also, some games may not open, don't know why, just happens that way.
Hello :) yes there are apps that won't open up, and are ceashing at start, that's because people who posted them didn't chose the right firmware. For example, i downloaded the Vector game ipa and imported it in my iTools library, and in the right side of the app where you can see if the app is compatible with your device there was indicated that the app is compatible with iOS 4+. Maybe there was a earlier version that people know it worked but it's not that, maybe it was lost so they posted a more recent ipa thinking it's compatible(same story with Bumpy Roads :) ). And that's because not the developer itself is posting these apps, there are users from around the world who have the app cracked.
Anyways, nice source for those who want to find more iOS 3 apps :)

If something goes wrong, and your device becomes unusable, I'm not responsible.  ;)

Hello, i deleted by mistake some system files
and my device is broken, if you can, please help
by posting the file in the comments of this topic :

Hello, i deleted by mistake a folder with whited00r system files. My phone is broken, i can't use ATM it can't download apps because it can't connect to the server and instead of ipa it downloads a php file or something similar, on my lockscreen is showing now the "Whited00r was here" sign but i'm using whited00r a half of year now. I actually deleted the folder from this path: var/mobile and the folder is named "Whited00r" there are important files! If you can help please post the folder here(no problem if you have installed the ios 9 theme from IPHONE_3GS, i have installed it too). you can see in the screenshots. Please, if you can help.

If something goes wrong, and your device becomes unusable, I'm not responsible.  ;)
of course before doing things like this i need to backup :D

I think this is a great idea. However, when you think about it, there isn't much difference between Whited00r and Grayd00r. I'd actually say Whited00r is better. Plus, you have the iOS 9 theme by iPHONE_3GS.
And using the ProSwitcher for multitasking, i think it's a better option than whited00r's :D

Somebody's just doing a bunch of advertisements on this forum. I've noticed some others too.

Anyway, sorry for how unhelpful he was, and I have an idea. IMPORTANT: I have no experience with .artwork files, I mainly customize Macs!

On a Mac, if you remove a system image, it simply disappears. Maybe you could just remove the .artwork files?
Hello :) and that's an idea... Thank you! i will try removing only that file from the artwork and see what happens :)

Thanks for the tips!
Glad it helped! :) i posted this settings list because i noticed that i didn't have before 55MB of free RAM on my ipod touch 2g with whited00r and lots of tweaks installed :D  i found this a good balance between features, good battery life and free-up RAM memory :) 

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