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Title: Mother of all Suggestions
Post by: noob on February 06, 2017, 02:36:21 AM
So ive gathered almost all the suggestions made
1.-Notification center (you could use a script that saves every push notification and mirrors it on the fake notification center)
2.-Spotlight that shows things like ios 10 for instance weather or stocks (this im not sure, sometimes its a waste of time and space)
3.-Swipe left to acces camara on lockscreen (ios 10 ugh)
4.-ios 10 controlcenter (i found this useless 2 pages for what? with 1 you are good)
5.-make the control center actually shows the music bar same with the lockscreen
6.-Based on ios 4.2.1 just for the 2 devices that supports it (lets face it, bug fixes more stuff it just needs to be optimized)
7.-Cydia limitation on the substrate and other components (i think they left out the support on the older devices so it crashes)
8.-make the cydia substrate more optimized/bug free?
9.-More stability
10.-A youtube app
11.-an app in whited00r that can conect to your pc/mac like  a remote desktop app the app will also be installed in the pc/mac and it will rim android on your pc and install apps, like facebook, whatsapp etc, and you run them on the android device on your computer BUT you can see them on your iphone/ipod with whited00r, via bluetooth/wifi/3g, obviously this would be slow for gaming apps plus the resolution but for messaging apps like facebook messenger or whatsapp would be useful i think also optimize this app and add features like if you leave your pc on your home, connect it to wifi and access it wherever you are via wifi
12.-the 5 dots instead of 3 would be nice
13.-a script that activated can clean junk files / clean ram / clean retina images / keyboards, pretty much icleaner
14.-An app only made for whited00r users to sort out bugs and talk
15.-maps update server?
16.-Quickreply features
17.-calling reply features to send a message if you cannot answer
19.-Do not disturb(i think this would be usseless)
20.-Safari fullscreen (just like the tweak)
21.-Better fonts
22.-Better camera(hdr support but it would be extremely slow but stil tho, and options like focus and aperture just like ios 10)
23.-Weather (i dont want it to look like ios 10 but i also dont like it like ios 3/4)
24.-Better clock
25.-FIND A WAY TO MOD THE KEYBOARD (i think you cant because the file has made read only?)
26.-No siri(it is just a waste of time and resources)
27.-Airplay/airdrop for ios 4? if not a basic bluetooth file move to computer / other whited00r users?
28.-the new app switcher
29.-Power saving(dont know if this is going to be useful)
30.-in settings in the battery sections something that shows you the cycle count of yout battery and its life so you know how much it will charge
31.-CHANGE THE NAME FROM WHITED00R 8/9/ 10 TO ONLY WHITED00R (lets face it apple releases are faster than yours)
32.-Our own Velox But just for certain apps to emulate 3d touch (this is velox https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZ4QiDm0Js0)
33.-Double tap gestures(appswitcher/make a call/etc)
34.-Solve Bugs arleady present and complete tweaking of the artwork files(some didnt even change on whited00r 7.1)
35.-Camera timer and zoom
36.-Actually good animations that doesnt look cheap
37.-the option to not produce any animations at all
39.-View a way to not use much the uitweak in order to get moar ram
40.-make the video app better and look more integrated to the camera app
41.-Delet the youtube app (i know you can)
42.-Better flat UI
43.-Better folders that look more like ios 10 (but with low animations to make it "faster")
44.-Better reminders app
45.-Backup options, and also to set your own server in your home
46.-Build the OTA in the settings app
47.-When you change a feature in the settings app make the app fullscreen and put only the logo of apple with the bar that shows that it is updating to make it cool, also disable the lock button the home button, volume buttons, the auto lock after time passes and assistive touch while the process is being working on
48.-the background on the messages app
49.-optimizations in general and in safari
51.-Better bootlogo (the apple isnt quite centered)
52.- ios 10 gestures
53.-ios 7 to 10 sounds
54.-Calendar holidays
55.-Screen fade when lock/unlock
57.-Solve bug on maps
58.-Better switchers
59.-pull to refresh on mail
60.-Edit Alarm UI
61.-Calendar icon
62.-passcode ui like ios 10
63.-Better assistive touch
64.-Whited00r setup tool on first boot
65.-something like nitrous
god this is taking long
66.-A whited00r safari app (seems you cant mod the safari app)
67.-an algorithm that detects your wallpaper and by that it changes the color of the app name to black
68.-Camera panoramic option(it can be done)
69.-swipe to delete reminders in the reminder apps
70.-Ios 10 ui (as of current if you actually deliver this before ios 11 is released)
71.-Disable not required animations and graphics for instance the reflections on the artwork on lockscreen and delete stuff that was in the betas of ios but never used
72.-A power app/respring/reboot/shutdown etc
73.-Calling bugs
74.-have i mentioned fix bugs?
So that is all i have gathered, feel free to say suggestions if i missed one
Also what the hell did matt do to the board it looks horrible, do something and grayd00r forum is pretty useless you cant make an account for the forum
Title: Re: Mother of all Suggestions
Post by: noob on February 06, 2017, 02:38:34 AM
i forgot, the same can be applied to grayd00r
Title: Re: Mother of all Suggestions
Post by: noob on March 02, 2017, 03:18:18 AM
75- nightmode like the tweaks for ios 10/else
Title: Re: Mother of all Suggestions
Post by: noob on March 07, 2017, 07:31:07 PM
75.- portrait mode for control center
Title: Re: Mother of all Suggestions
Post by: noob on May 18, 2020, 09:55:57 AM
i wonder if the devs ever read this shit
Title: Re: Mother of all Suggestions
Post by: noob on September 10, 2021, 07:22:19 AM
xhe-aac decdoding or opus decoding ability in the music app, new codec supports for media stuff, less data used more compression and better quality, compiler optimizations, security patches for pegasus, i'm pretty sure a lot of stuff can be optimized  there has been a lot of progress, i'm pretty sure if we wanted we could modify everything, i'm pretty sure there is a vulnerability for anything