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Title: [READ BEFORE POSTING] Whited00r 7.1.x Bug tracker thread
Post by: iTechy21 on July 04, 2014, 01:20:14 PM
Last updated: 13/09/2014
As many of you know whited00r is a bit buggy so I am making this thread to list the known bugs within whited00r so the team have list to refer to. Each bug will either be listed under the .dylib name or how we refer to it in the forums. Please look for the original thread if the bug is listed in here. (Some of them will be linked).
Unknown cause
Airplane mode toggles on then off instantaneously.

App time machine
Crashes randomly (timeout on launch) - not as often since 7.1 but still there.
After an app install all icons disappear - core apps stay.
Some apps don't get fully removed. After deleting and reappear after a reboot / respiring

Assistive touch
Position sometimes resets. - May be related to lock button within AST
A Cydia re-spring causes this to misbehave (red background rather than transparent)

Bruce (banner notifications)
Doesn't fill the entire screen when landscape.

Control Center
Portrait orientation lock doesn't work in some apps (music and ifile to name a few).

Does not kill apps or open them. Only responds to swipes left / right and home button presses. (Only some users experience this).
Misbehaves when in an app (Thread) (http://www.whited00r.com/forum/index.php/topic,11774.0.html)

Possible cause of the incoming call bug - Tracking but hard to find the cause :(
Clock in status bar disappears on home screen if a call is missed
Positioning bugs (Thread) (http://www.whited00r.com/forum/index.php/topic,11685.0.html)
If pass code set to anything greater than 1 minute slides back after unlocking (video coming soon)

LS bounce causes crashes with its animation - recommended fix is to disabled via WD settings (advanced settings)
Possibly causes some apps to crash (rare)
Unlock animation is called when multitasking is opened (old multitasking).
Unlock animation is called after "soft" respring occurred with no passcode enabled.
Battery icon is not aligned on lock screen when charging (not sure if this is a UI or lock screen bug)
Some buttons are missing (power off screen cancel, wallpaper applying)
iTunes buttons show up weirdly
When the device volume is changed it displays ringer rather than speaker when it should
The more buttons in both iTunes and the music app change to filled when selected
In the notes,safari,viber and maybe in others app,uialertview-buttons don't shows up, it's a bug caused by wd7ui tweak, and I try to change something in wd7ui.plist but nothing happens. (Thanks to aleksandar2507)

Server issues. Sara says "sorry I was unable to get that" (we have no control over this)

General UI Bugs
Following courtesy of "iPH0NE_3GS" - thank you!
1. In voice memos listing to a voice memo the scrolling bar at the bottom is iOS 6 style
2. In calendar the dot is old texture on list view and on day view the event bubble is old texture
3.photos app ( I synced with iTunes ) my Photo library of synced photos the album icon is old texture
4. Dot in videos for not watched is old texture
5. Restrictions setting in settings app is old texture
6. Listening to a song in iTunes the bar where the iTunes controls are old texture. Also the little speaker icon next to the song in albums when song is on is old texture
7. In YouTube in the more info section the "info"and"More Videos" buttons are old texture
8. When you put cydia in a folder the out side of the folder shows old cydia texture
9. When watching video in YouTube play pause and volume bar is old texture
10. A lot of uiimages,and app images that are wrong size for exemple in telephone.framework.uikit (thanks aleksandar2507)

White on white text and images.
1. In photos app the export button  and play button are white, when you click on the export button share and copy are also white
2. Location button in maps ( this could be done purposely)
3. In maps when you click "search for address " search at the top of the page is white, this is also the same for directions
4. Whole bottom bar in mail app is white also with the white text and images ,and is present every where in the app.
5.in safari when switching tabs the new page icon and done is white, in bookmarks the edit button is white and also all the content when it is clicked
6.when listening to a song in music app the song name is white
7.when signing In to YouTube the popup is white on white text ,ps a lot of pop ups are white on white text
8. When watching a video in YouTube the button for full screen mode is 1/2 the size it should be

[Images] Differences between Whited00r 7.1 and iOS 8/7 (http://www.whited00r.com/forum/index?topic=12302.new) Thanks to Cr1s714n1999 for compiling such a nice list of images for visual differences!
Title: Re: [READ BEFORE POSTING] Whited00r 7.1.x Bug tracker thread
Post by: Bruan on July 27, 2014, 06:21:07 AM
Oh now this is beautiful. Thank you <3 ;D
Title: Re: [READ BEFORE POSTING] Whited00r 7.1.x Bug tracker thread
Post by: iTechy21 on August 20, 2014, 08:35:03 PM
Oh now this is beautiful. Thank you <3 ;D
No problem :3
Just an organisational thing we can do for future versions of whited00r too :D