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First of all,I want to apologize for the 8W4y project and because I gave up on it.
Second,I want to let you know my problems with my iPhone.They maybe are issues in Whited00r.

About 8W4y.I gave up on it because there wasn't nothing I could do more.I did all I could and it dind't even install on your idevices.
If you will give me a link of the last beta,I will turn it into themes and I'll make a tutorial on how to optimize your devices like in 8W4y.

About Whited00r.I see that you are still working on the project.Maybe you guys develop something new for it or you try to fix some bugs.The most known bug I've heard about in Whited00r was that crash into safe mode .
I want you to know that this happened on my iPhone 3gs a lot of times and I wasn't using Whited00r.Since I've updated the essential tweaks like MobileSubstrate,Cydia Substrate or something like those,my iPhone 3gs crashed lots of times.
I've experienced a lot of problems with it in the last time,sometimes it was crashing into safe mode when browsing or doing something and I didn't have removed daemons or the virtual memory tweak;battery was dying at 20%-30% percent without being connected to a wifi network.
The last bug I've experienced was the same with yours,the one that crashed my phone into safe mode.When someone was calling me,my iphone was crashing to safe mode.
Recently,I've seen Whited00r 7.1 running on my friend's ipod touch 2g and it was awesome.The first thing I said was:"It runs much better than my device".
What I'm trying to say is that you guys are incredible and maybe those bugs and issues aren't caused by whited00r and its code.
I currently have an iPhone 4s and I watch whited00r's activity always.
I'm sorry for everything and I wish you all the best with this project.

here are the new things,including a new control center


if you didn't know 8 w4y is an ios 7 and 8 like custom firmware for iphone 3gs
me,noob and another guy,we are working on this project but we need some testers and some guys which have objective c and ios programming language for making tweaks
i,personally,tried to make some tweaks but i failed and it will take a lot of time till i'll learn the programming languages
so,i hope you'll want to join us  :)

Amateur Developers / 8 w4y - iOS 8 like firmware for 3gs
« on: April 15, 2014, 08:53:55 AM »
8W4y is available in beta version,so visit to download it and hear the news
Please post the problems into this topic :)

hey guys, I wanna know if I can edit a script for ios 6 to not show wallpapergradient on lockscreen, just on homescreen.

In the ios 6, there is a file called wallpapergradient which makes the wallpaper darker on bottom.
I just want to edit that file to look like ios 7 dock an i don't want it to be showed on lockscreen

Edit by Bruan to provide more keywords in the title :)

hey guys can you help me with finding a stable version of dynamic pager because my iphone 3gs crashes into safe mode always because of my version.i have installed vm3 from revival's dev repo and it isn't unstable like the others but it still crashes,so what do you suggest me??

I need help with changing some pngs on lockscreen
I have circled them:the volume fill,the volume track,the voulme thumb and that line under the play buttons

Hey Whited00r,

I know that i've stressed you with my requests to port wd7 on ios 6,but i just want you to answer my question.
Would you like to make port some wd7 tweaks for ios 5&6?
I know you can do this and i guess that nobody won't care that your tweaks will be paid or not,they will pay anyway for it,but please make them.
There are a lot of wd users in this world which respect this community and a lot of people which want wd on their idevices.
I know that is hard to port whited00r 7 and everyone understand but we want just some tweaks like tweaked camera,wd7 ui,sara,control center and the notifications ui.
I know that some members from here are members on bl4ck0ut too and they have knowledge about the newer ios versions,maybe you can do something together.
Be respected like you always do,don't disapoint us.
Sorry bad english.

With all the respect for the community,

after our waiting Apple shows us these two new iphones
look here for details

I want to help you guys in making of whited00r 7
and here is what i made
just ask me what i used for everything you see changed

hey guys,i found a video on youtube with the next generation whited00r
is this video true or a fake?

as you can see here is a comparison between iphone 5 ios 7 and between the possible whited00r 7 which is very cool

PierreP moderator note: that fake WD 7 video was removed from Youtube.

PierreP Moderator note: Edited thread title to add relevant keywords as described in Whited00r 6: Tips to Quickly Solve your Problems/Bugs & Get Answers FAST!

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