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Hi guys. With whited00r is installed terminal too, and it possible to optimize battery duration! how i have to proceed?
thanks you!

Viber-! it work for me!! great guys!!

hi guys,
i m an italian user of whited00r. (sorry for my bad english) i hope you understand me;-)

I ve install whited00r 6 on my iphone 3G. But i ve a problem: i go to app market and then on app store. I selected, for example, "viber". Click on install button, but appstore say me that it is not supported ios 3.1.3, so i can't install nothing apps!! I ve install whited00r 6, so i don't understand this situation.

what i have to do for install application by app store? Every app that i selected appstore say me that it's required ios 4.3 ( for example for install viber). How i can obtain app for app store??

Thank you for your help guys!

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