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i am on iPhone 3G now

but while i am searching i have found some source you can set it to Cydia and setup AppSync 4+ to install apps that higher of 4+ i guess

what if we download AppSync from Cidya source ??? 

AppSync 4+

do you have any idea ?

There is no BIGGER problems than unable to Install IMPORTANT apps like .. INSTAGRAM, VIBER, LINE, TWITTER, KIK, WHATSAPP



OMG Bad news sorry ...

and i do not speak HINDI ... thanks for help

Thanks dear

but sorry,, you mean i can not install instgram and whatsapp ?

Thanks Boss

That's the wrong baseband. Follow the baseband downgrade tutorial again.  Make sure it is 05.13.04 or lower before restoring to whited00r.

Also, Cydia is in the App Market. It has the appstore icon ;) Swipe left/right once it's open and tap it to open it.

As for the version number, whited00r is and always will be 3.1.3 ;) Don't upgrade otherwise it will wipe out whited00r.  Can't run a higher iOS on your device, or make tweaks/apps that require a higher iOS work on this device.
That's explained in the Whited00r 6 - FAQ & Troubleshooting - READ BEFORE POSTING!

Dear  it is DONE ... i fix the baseband and now i have iOS 3.1.3 look like 6.0 and my cell network working fine ..thanks

BUT one MORE important please and sorry for be demandable ....  now i can not install apps like INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK,WHATSAPP, KIK, BBM ... from the stores and from syncing from iTunes ,, always gives me your device need to be update to 6.0 to install apps !!!


Dear Bro

it is 05.15.04

and where is Cydia ? i can not see it on iPhone ???

i will reboot the iPhone and leave it for 5 minutes and open it again ...

one more thing .. when my iPhone connected to iitunes it shows me that my version is 3.1.3 and keep asking me that there are a newer version and if i want to upgrade  it to 4.2.1 ?? 11

Thanks Dear

OMG :)

This is your Mistake then :)

OK DEAR it is DONE  and SOLVED  :)  Thanks

Please one more question : my local Cell Network dosnt worked yet ... keeping searching :(

Thanks @bcooperizcool

Dear Admins

Good Day

when i found your website I really was happy ... finally i can upgrade my iPhone 3G and be able to have advantage with downloading the new apps again ..

my I phone is iPhone 3G ... LOCKED ... baseband 06.15.00  so i need to go throw  Whited00r 7.0 Unlocker if I am not wrong ..

I went throw all the procedures successfully :

I downloaded redsn0w
I downloaded the original IPSW 4.2.1
I downloaded Whited00r7-iPhone3G-Unlocker.ipsw

as you suggested i downgraded the Baseband from 06.15.00 to 05.13.04 with redsn0w successfully ..

in the last step I had put the PHONE on DFU mode successfully and now go to LAST STEP ..

when I open my iTunes and connected the iPhone ... I click SHIFT + Restore and choose the Whitd00r IPSW

iTunes gives me the following ERROR : "The iPhone "iPhone" could not be restored because the firmware file is not compatible "

:( Please HELP ... Guide me what to DO ..



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