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Here you can read a post that merge the most important thread of the old forum

Nike + iPod ... 3g-part-1/

Virtual Memory
I have tested both iphone VM versions on my iphone 2G.
I can say that it helps a bit when freshly installed. But after a few days the phone becomes slower than without iphone VM. (reboot doesn't solve the problem)
I'd suggest to stick with the freeing ram tool in multitasking!

if you use lots of .app meanwhile, it is great (because the usually don't crash), but in daily uses (max 3 app opened) it seems to slow down a bit becouse sometimes some files are written in swap memory (slower) even if the real RAM (faster) is free.

Someone also says that could damage flash memory (the same thing f SSD on PCs without TRIM)

2G Data Toggle
i think that on next version you could include a data toggle (as it exists on new iOS 4), so we can control better when we want to spend data plan.. pretty useful!

Multiple Exchange Accounts ... ken-iphone

PDF Exploit Patch
It is not included because is that it runs a mobile substrate so it will slow down the iphone or ipod. It also really isn't needed yet because there aren't any hacks that use the PDF Exploit that I know of.

Video Recdording
Well lets ask for the source code of Cycorder! ... n-134-rmf/
I tested geblo and other repeating memory addons.. they don't seems good (they work in mobiel substrate or daemons.. so they will drains a bit of battery.. )

preinstalled but only if I can create a toggle to disable it (safe for user) without using SBSetting
Sensitivity Controller ... nsitivity/

« on: October 04, 2010, 07:49:25 PM »
Installation guide
Read this carefully before downloading and installing the firmware

Solve installation errors
Read this to solve your problem. This will allow you to solve every problem. You have to jailbreak with Blackra1n before installing whited00r firmware. Don't user other tools.

Download the firmware
Choose the right firmware for your device.

Clean installation
You HAVE to choose Set as new iPhone/iPod and don't restore previous after the installation
If you don't do this, then don't ask for help in the forum if you gets errors.
To backup Mail, Calendar and Contacts I suggest adding an Exchange Account associated to a Gmail address

Whited00r REPO
Packages in whited00r repo are tested for firmwares 4.1+, don't use on previous release.
The repo address is:

Whited00r Userguide
We are building a mobile website with whited00r userguide
Open Safari on your device and you will find a bookmark called "whited00r userguide".
If you want to help us adding contents: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=688

Localization in your Language
If you want to help us to translate our firmware in your language or suggest a correction, visit this thread:

System Version is 3.1.3
whited00r firmares' SystemVersion is set to 3.1.3
We can easly mod it to 4.x but it could cause crashes and it will not allow you to run iOS4 only apps (like iBook) anyway because some iOS4 APIs are required (that we can't port to 3.x)
Porting real iOS4 on iPhone 2G or iPod Touch is extremely dangerous. An user tried to edit restore plist files from iOS for iPhone 3G and he got his iPhone bricked forever (also DFU didin't save it), so please don't ask to port real iOS4 on iPhone 2G or iPod Touch 1G.

The running application gets backgrounded only when you switch app or tap on the first icon of the Multitasking Dock (called Home)
If you want that all apps gets backgrounded, install WDAutoMultitasking from our repo.

Don't use Winterboard, we don't support it and it will make your device slow.

Disable Cellular Data Network
"cellular data network" mený should be enabled for all carriers under General - Network.
To disable data connection edit the APN field
example: (default for my carrier)
iphone.vodafone.itX (this will disable connection: wrong apn)
GPRS/EDGE/3G connection will be disabled

CommCenter is correctly patched, so if MMSs don't work it is not an our problem.
If they don't work "out of the box", you should try searching on Google for an .ipcc (carrier pack) or craete it by yourself:
Editing values from cellular data network mený is useless
Here a list of OFFICIAL CARRIER:

Photo from Library as Wallpaper
If you want to set one of the images in your photo library as Home Wallpaper, the only way is to take a screenshot of it. So:
Open it, press Home+Power Button (the screen will come white for one istant) and you will have your Photo in Camera Roll. Set it for Home Screen as usual!

Extra Speed
whited00r firmware come with some daemons disabled by default, but there could be other daemons that you personally don't need (but they are used by some users).
Download DiskAid or iPhone Explorer to access into your iPhone ROOT and move into this directory  /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ and delete: [remove if you don't user Spotlight search] [remove if you don't use PushNotifications] [remove if you don't use Exchange or Google Sync] [remove if you don't want to import contacts from SIM card] [remove if you don't use VNP: Virtual Private Networks] [remove if you don't use Tethering] [remove if you don't use MobileMe Sync] [remove if you don't need to delete data from Exchange, from Reset menu or with the function of failed passcode]

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