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I downloaded an app in app time machine and then when it finished downloading I could not exit the app the home button not work nor does the power button but soon after like 5 minutes I got to the home screen and all my App Store and ATM apps are gone ( except for folders) ...
so I clicked on one and it led me in to safe mode and I saw my apps were starting to reappear  so I exit safe mode to find that my apps are there and there all out of order, so I rearranged them to my

So now I go in ATM and downloaded another app sane thing happend stuck in app then apps gone but I did not touch my iPod and guess what ALL THE APPS ATE BACK in order too.

After this though the home screen card on the app switcher is now black with the bottom showing, the names of the apps and the calendar number, to FIX this just put the apps in to wiggle mode ( press and hold on an app) and it should go back to normal :)

Ps I am now back from vacation

I'm using tapatalk ( last compatible version of iOS 6) an I set a profile pic in the settings and when I'm on any forums (whited00r is basically the only forum I go on) I see that I have no profile pic ... Can u tell me if you guys see my profile and if u can't how do I set one?

Volume controls
In WD7 when making your iPod louder it shows a bell which is only iphone when u r changing the volume of the ringer not the actual device... It should be a speaker
I found where the file is located
and the image is near the bottom labeled speaker.png

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First you have to be in an app then Double tap the home button so the app switcher comes up it will be the double home screen 50% of the time.. And if it's not when I go to the home screen  then double tap the home button again the double photo will appear

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Your not useless to us! There are still many other ways you can help the community including making artwork.

What could I make ??

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Make the first tab ( the home tab ) a Direct link to the App Store and everything on the home page will then be moved to the bottom of the settings page

After I enabled Sara I saw that the whitebar from slide to power off on the cancel option was missing and cancel is now blue ... I turned Sara off and it's still like that

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In app switcher the home screen is black

Instead of making Whited00r and redd00r you guys should make whited00r (3.1.3  software) and a Greend00r which will run on ios 5 for the iPhone 3GS iPod 3G iPod 4G and iPad 1.
And you should ask people to create themes , code for you guys so you don't have to do all the work it would go by faster that way and less work
On the whited00r website you should have a page where you could watch videos to raise money for whited00r

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I just installed photo vault off the App Store and I went to the home screen then al my apps that I had were gone so I respiring and all the apps were gone even the stock apps   So then I rebooted the device and the stock apps are there but all messed up from where I put them ... I'm now in safe mode and I still can't find my apps

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iPod touch 2G ios 3.1.3 WD 7.1

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Now I got all the apps in some randomness position (still don't have AppStore apps)

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Now it says I have the app but does not show

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Got my ipod 2G today time to install whited00r 7.1 :)

Suggestions for the Next Whited00r Version / Whited00r 9 ideas
« on: June 03, 2014, 01:54:30 AM »
New year new feed and yes iKnow WD8 isn't out yet but I wanted to make this anyways. S this used to be the WD8 feed

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