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Ondersteuning in het Nederlands / Re: Springboard Crash
« on: July 21, 2014, 09:36:42 PM »
Ik heb de winterboard installed via Cydia ... en sindsdien geen crashes meer daarmee(je kan kiezen welke versie "board" ) ... ik heb winterboard als default.. en geen crashes meer.

Don't know if this was posted anywhere yet ... at least couldnt find it...
For the ones that at least want to use whatsapp to stay in touch with friends etc... there is a way to do it but NOT on your phone.
After days and days of searching  on how to get whatapp working again since i had to do a restore on phone(and yes.. immediatly used whitd00r 7 on it ;) ) , i was in this 50% NOT solved group.
Tried all the things i could find on forums here... watched zillions of "100 % working"  youtube vids etc etc .

I then found a solution to at least run latest whatapp on PC .. using BlueStack.(android simulator) wich has access to google's playstore.
I installed whatsapp and entered phone number and clicked to get the code by Sms/txt.
That does NOT work, so i did the "call me"  option .. and within 1 minute i had a call from their auto messenger server... providing me a 6 digit number to activate.
I did... and tadaaaaaaaaa... am back online in whatapp land.

After that i did try to see what happend on phone after installing whatapp again, at 1st looked ok .. as i immediatly got to preferences.... but to be disappointed after 1 minute... "verificaton of device failed"  ... but still runs on Bluestack :)

Maybe this is in the wrong place on forums(if so i'm sorry) ... but thought at least some "addicted"  appers could at least have whatapp running on a PC.

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