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Hello, when i try to download and install an app(no matter what app) atm says can't unzip the ipa. But when i look in the downloads there is a php file, and not a zipped ipa. And i opened that document with ifile app(you can see what is written in it). Hope ATM devs will fix this soon...

Hello, i deleted by mistake a folder with whited00r system files. My phone is broken, i can't use ATM it can't download apps because it can't connect to the server and instead of ipa it downloads a php file or something similar, on my lockscreen is showing now the "Whited00r was here" sign but i'm using whited00r a half of year now. I actually deleted the folder from this path: var/mobile and the folder is named "Whited00r" there are important files! If you can help please post the folder here(no problem if you have installed the ios 9 theme from IPHONE_3GS, i have installed it too). you can see in the screenshots. Please, if you can help.

Hello, in this post i want to show you how i improved my battery life and free-up RAM memory. I'm using an iPod touch 2g.
I will post the settings list(it's not really like a list, i will post screenshots).
So, by following these types you will speed up your device, will increase it's efficiency, Safari load time, you will free-up your RAM memory and you will increase you battery life.
First download Memory Doctor from ATM, and you will see how much ram you have and you can free up it using that app. After that you choose the settings that are in the screenshots and then choose a dark wallpaper for lockscreen and a bright wallpaper for homescreen(that's because you are lowering you brightness to the minimum, and iOS 3 does not have the option to revert the characters from white to black, and if you're in a bright room you won't be able to see anything on your screen, that's why you need a dark wallpaper on lockscreen to see the clock and all the chars clearly and a bright one on home to sepparate the black icon from white more bright icons) i found this very efficient.
Below are the settings(look in the comments too cause i can post only 6 images per post :D )
Hope i helped :)

Hello, i found an alternative app for watching Youtube videos and it works very well. I found it from a user. The app that i'm talking about is MiniBrowser pro
If you want a Fast simple browser I would suggest Mini Browser or Mini browser pro its a simple fast browser and the latest version works fine on ios 3.1.3 it also plays youtube videos fine without lag.  ipa and appstore links:
Just go to this link( ) and you will find ios 3 compatible apps, there is the mini browser too. Just click on "download" and it will redirect you to a cracked version on AppStore, install and you can use it. You can watch easily Youtube videos in HQ and normal quality and works for all, in Safari you can watch only some of the videos because ios 3 don't have all video certs.
Hope i helped :)

Hello, does someone know to make those white labels look straight, not rounded, those where the font and the toggles(switches) are placed. How can i modify system files to get that style? You can see in the first screenshot, how they are looking, and you can see in the second screenshot how they look in the whited00r configurator(that's how i want them to look), and in the third image is an ios 9 screenshot, it looks very similar to how whited00r made them in their configurator.'s possible :) If you know how, leave a comment below please. Thanks

I saw Grayd00r and i think it will look interesting if someone who has the files from that custom firmware will post them and importing it to WD devices and  making a grayd00r theme :) Thanks

Hello, I'm Chris :)
At the first time ATM looks nice(and it is) but when it comes to daily usage there are some limitations of this store. Today I will explain how to solve one of them and have a better experience downloading and installing apps from this source :)
First let's start with the official App Store. You can download and install apps from it in background, and do something else while App Store does the job. You were not been able to do this on AppTimeMachine because closing it before the installation/downloading procces is done will cause a half installed app folder which needs to be deleted and reinstall the app again, or a half downloaded app file.
So, you can do this in Whited00r 7-7.1 by using "Backgrounding" :) Open the app and make sure that it is in background mode(you can put an app in background by holding the home button or by pressing the "Minimise" button if you enabled it from configurator), after that search for the app you want and start downloading, if you enabled the option "Auto install" from the settings the app will install automatically. So, for example I'm downloading and installing  an app that is a big file which needs time to download, and I can close ATM if I enabled backgrounding and do something else while it does the job.
WARNING: you may see that your screen may be freezed(whatever you are doing), don't reboot the device or something, wait a half of minute and it will be normal, that happens after the app is installing and it needs to put the icon on the SpringBoard :)
After that you will notice that your app is there.
Your device may not freeze if you are just downloading the app and not auto installing.
For me this is useful cause sometimes I may close the app accidentally and the download or installation process is lost, and it is very frustrating to do it again when it is a very big file that may need a half of hour to download and install(for example N.O.V.A 2 which is almost 1GB file).
Hope I helped you with this little type and I think this will give you a better ATM experience. :)

Bug Report in Whited00r Itself Only! / Search bar bug
« on: October 03, 2016, 04:32:20 PM »
Hello, i was browsing in landscape mode using Safari and i noticed that "Google search bar" is unmodified and rounded like in iOS 3.1.3, this thing won't appear in portrait mode. Also, when enabling "Safari Unibar" there appears a keyboard without a "space" button.
Hope these bugs will be fixed :) Thanks

Hello, i'm Chris :)
I was working on a passcode lock theme, it isn't 100% done cause it requires some graphic fixes.
But the biggest problem is the dots :(
I have extracted the other.artwork file and found them, but i can't make them transparent!!! i read this topic,10357.0.html  and found a "fix" but it doesn't change anything, the fields are still the same:

No he said he tried to make it transparent but still got blacks.. you actually said exact the same thing. )

Anyway try this one.. it makes my lock screen pass fields invisible (completely transparent )

You can open this up in PS or PXMTR and check out the compression and metas.
If someone can help me, please explain how to do this, maybe i have done something wrong?
Thanks :)

Hello, i'm using Whited00r 7.1 and as far as i know you can't delete apps in the folders, so you have to move the app on the SpringBoard and then delete it. But today happened something that i didn't expected.
So i had an alternative version of iBooks that i downloaded from AppTimeMachine. That app was in a folder and i wanted to delete it (cause i installed Stanza already and in my opinion it has better options), and i forgot to move the app from the folder and clicked the delete icon from the upper-left corner of the app and it has been deleted :D i don't know what was the fix, maybe updating the substrate?

Hello, i have edited an .artwork and changed some png's related to the keyboard but after i import my edited .artwork in the iPod and reboot the changes won't show up, keyboard is still the same  :o I used iphoneshop and the latest java for windows and all the things worked fine, as far as i know with the release of whited00r 7 or 7.1 keyboard's font style has been changed using a tweak which is running even after i disable the substrate and that may be the cause why my png's won't show, cause the original files are different from the ones of whited00r, which hasn't changed the keyboard files at all :D I don't understand why making tweaks that slows down the system for changing the keyboard, which files can be edited in the Keyboard-Latin.artwork? :D Those files weren't even touched a bit! How do you explain that your first priority is speed when you are doing tweaks instead of editing the original images?
If it's the tweak that is replacing the original files even if i'm changing them, hope this will be fixed in the next version of whited00r. And there is a little suggestion: please, replace the original files, it will be much faster, there are even the fonts so you can change them :)

Hello, I just want to change my Calendar app icon, since it's a dynamic icon I don't know how to change it by just modifying or replacing the files ::)

Hello :)
I found this on Apple's website, maybe it will be useful in developing the next version of Whited00r or upgrading WD 7.1 :)
7.0 to 7.1 API diffs:
7.1 to 8:
What's new in iOS 8:
8.1 to 8.2:
8.3 to 9 API diffs:
P.S. sorry if it's not the right place for this post  ::)

Hello, i want to ask how can i make a keyboard that it's background to be a blur layer. It's not just a color in the back of the buttons but a layer that blurs all of the things in background of the keyboard when i'm typing. Something like the keyboard in the image below . Thanks :)

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