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It's a function that doesn't work on Whited00r. Maybe you can find a tweak that does the same...

You won't have to fix it, because next time you're gonna reinstall Whited00r or stock iOS, you must not use a back up to restore your device ! It might create some problems...
You have to set you iPod as a new device.

Amateur Developers / Re: 8 w4y - iOS 8 like firmware for 3gs
« on: July 06, 2016, 10:09:07 AM »
The age old question: how to extract the .artwork files.
Still didn't find the answer :(

Huh, it's been a while since I didn't touched my iPod. I'll try to look which file changes that unlock animation, but now I'm on vacation :)

I don't think you can bypass the iCloud activation... The only way for you tu activate your iPhone is by contacting the old owner.

When I applied the iOS 9 look for Whited00r 7, I know that the creator changed the look of the ATM app. And when I did, the apps just "split", and there was two icons on the SpringBoard !
All you have to do is :
- Change the icon of App Time Machine
- Rename it to whatever you want, I renamed it to "ATM" (you have to rename some files in the app too)
The ATM app is the one that have an icon that have the iOS 7 style. The real AppStore doesn't. (I used iFunBox to see that)

I don't think it's possible to do that on iOS 3 devices... :(

That happened to me, if you don't use Cydia for a long time, it will have so many things to load that it will make your iPod reboot.
For now, the only solution I've found is : restore your iPod and open cydia at least once per week.

You can always download Whited00r 6 (search for it in the forums), but you won't be able to access to the AppTimeMachine.

I wouldn't disable it... Where did you get the iReb from?   Most people need to use an older version of Redsn0w and a specific version of iTunes in order to install whited00r.
I did, I use Comodo instead. It does firewall, antivirus, HIPS, auto-sandbox and way more other things.
Windows Defender disabled itself when I installed Comodo anyway (on Windows 10) and I can't re-enable it ^^'

For what i can see in my host file i dont see anything that's blocking itunes

That's a big issue. I had this problem too, and everywhere I looked, it was said to "check the host file". But there was nothing that was blocking the Apple servers. And when I tried when using my phone as my connection, it worked. I hope it would have worked for you too.

Hi Guys I tried to install whited00r on my ipod touch 1g. got my ipod to get to wtf mode and when i launch itunes i get this error "The ipod software update server could not be contacted. The server does not support this version of itunes" I have the latest version of itunes. Help would be much appreciated  :)
This is a common error that I got too.
If you have an Android phone, share it's connection to your PC (I used the "Share via USB" option) and try again.
If you don't have this, try using another type of connection (if you are on WiFi, use an Ethernet cable, ...)

Could you please tell me the error code and if what computer you're using (Mac or PC, which version of Windows, ...) ?

Disable Windows Defender. It's litterally the worst antivirus ever. It deletes IMMEDIATLY what he thinks it's a virus, without asking for the user's choice.
Use something like Comodo instead. You won't have any problem with that one.

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