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Hello , i wanted to say that i'm not goin on the forum anymore , i bought a htc desire today. And i gave my iphone 2g away so. Goodbye everyone , i hope this forum will exist for a long time , it was a good experience.

greetz XviisionZ.

anyone know how to speed up games so it won't lag out?

greetz xviisionz.

Recently before the 4.4.1 came out i installed WD 4.4 on my iphone 2G but now my battery drains like HELL fast & i got ALOT of lag issues , any 1 got a fix for that??

Greetz XviisionZ

heya,  i don't think i'm going to last long on this forum , it's dying i can see that . I will come on once in a while , but not that much anymore.


GFX Lab / My latest updates!
« on: June 28, 2011, 07:56:25 PM »
okay so me and my friend made this youtube channel & site and stuff ;D if you want to check it out : or

also you can still request any sort of image you like to have from background to signature to avatar ;D

also i made this nice lookin BG ;D (yess my irl name is joran if you wonder why xd)

Advanced photoshop signature tutorial!

Outcome(depends on background & render you used):

1.First of all find a stock(background) and render on the internet(use for the renders) then Start with a new document , choose whathever dimensions you like, and put the stock on the the sig how you like it , then blur it a little.


2.adding some effects: you can use brushes for effects or you can setup your own. I putted some black and white wired frames on it and set it to linear light.


3.then put the render in and duplicate it a few times , then blur the first and second copy until you get something like this, but leave the third layer untouched.


4.Then do a displacement filter on the forth layer and 5ft layer and set it on linear dodge


5.Then you can decide yourself , or you can add some cs4-cs5 effects to it ( i used c4d on lighten)(not so much difference)


6. then just play some with the opacity and fill and colors to get it look sexy ;D

and you're done!!

GFX Lab / Some new sigs i Made while being bored ;D
« on: June 20, 2011, 04:00:24 PM »
Here they are ;D

Archives / Whited00r or Blackd00r who got less bugs ?
« on: June 19, 2011, 01:34:05 PM »
Heya all , i was browsing the web untill i saw Blackd00r O_o i was surprised lol .. They say they got less bugs then in whited00r , but i actually don't know if this is true or not?? So i thought i'd make a poll of it :p

which one has less bugs: Whited00r or Blackd00r?

Does anyone play zynga poker on fb? i like to play poker but i lost my chips ;s

GFX Tuts / [TUT]Basic 3D text (Cinema 4D)
« on: June 16, 2011, 04:02:00 PM »
Basic 3D Text with cinema 4D!!

OUTCOME: up cinema 4D and select mograph->motext

2.then select your text and go to the settings tab on the right bottom and take these settings. Then copy the layer by selecting it and pressing ctrl + C and then ctrl + V

3.Then go to caps on the settings tab and take these settings.

4.then go to object on the settings tab , take these settings and align the text in the middle by moving it (so you got the same space on both edges) that's your text , now we'll add some colour to it. so go to the materials tab on the bottom and select file-> new material and change the color to your likings.

6.Then go to Reflection and as you see on the picture , choose fresnel. what you wanna do is make it a little blurry so add some blur to it +- 15% or u can get some more.

8. after you made 2 kinds of colors you drag one on the text layer and the other colour on the other one.

And you're done!! ;D if you have any questions , feel free to ask some ;D

Greetz XviisionZ

Archives / Forum suggestion! ;D
« on: June 15, 2011, 03:16:15 PM »
We could make a chatbox on top of the page , that would be awesome ;D

GFX Tuts / [TUT]Easy Electric Text Effect (Photoshop)
« on: June 15, 2011, 03:05:25 PM »


1. make a new document. Default photoshop size.

2. fill the background with a black color , with the paint bucket tool (press G).

3.Put a white text on it with the Text Tool (press T).( I used star avenue as font, you can get it here:

4. then right click your text layer and choose blending options , and use these settings and press ok:

5. after that , select your text layer (press on it) and go to Filter->stylize->wind and press 2 times ok:

6.Now what you wanna do is go to Edit->transform->Rotate 90 CCW.:

7.Repeat step 5 and then step 6 in that order several times untill the text get back in place and you're done!

Hope this helped for all of you ;D

Greetz XviisionZ.

Archives / mobile whited00r?
« on: June 14, 2011, 08:46:51 PM »
what happened to the mobile version of the whited00r site??

Artd00r / request any sort of image here(av,sig,bg,..). XviisionZ
« on: June 14, 2011, 11:55:20 AM »
Here you can request any image you want here, some examples:
-wallpaper pc/iphone

the specs that i need are:
-text on the sig
-size ( small,medium,large)
-if u want some extra tags or somethin else

plz give me these steps so i can work without problems.

greetz XviisionZ ;D

GFX Lab / Some BG's made by me
« on: June 11, 2011, 04:04:03 PM »
here they are:

that's all ;D

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