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i just got iphone 4s 6 days ago and its super cool

there was 2 things that just changed last night suddenly without changing any settings

1) the lock sound was high ( higher than iphone 2g ) but it suddenly became the same as iphone 2g lock sound ( low ) i dont know why or how to get it back

2) every time i turn off silent mod the flash light flashs 2 times and a sound also with the flash ,but last night at the same time of the first one it just stoped ???

i tried to search for any thing to get them back but i found only the sound in ifile which plays when turning off silent mod it called RingerChanged

i dont know how to get them back i tried to  ( restore , reset , hard reset )  but no thing happened

if any one have iphone 4s with IOS 5.1.1 please see if you have these 2 , and if you do please tell me what settings should i set to get them back


Well now i have WD for 5 months and its so cool but i had sone problems .

PS : Its not from WD because i had them befor .
And i have iphone 2G WD 5.1 (IOS 3.1.3)

And here is my problems :

1) sometimes when i install any thing from cydia it suddenly reboots my iphone even befor the app or tweak is installed i need to know how to fix or avoid this problem.

2) this problem i had it 2 times which is crashing settings app
i had the first time when i installed UiSounds which didn't work and made my settings app crash so i uninstalled it but the problem is the same so i had to restore and the second time when i installed ICoustomize 3.0 which worked fine but also crashed my settings i don't blame these apps becase they don't do the same thing but i had to restore again and all what i need to know is how to fix the settings app if it happened with me again.

3) that one i had 2 weeks ago and still no fix and i think its itunes probelm , the problem is with twitter app , i live in Egypt and until last year Egypt had time change every half a year or some thing like that which adds one hour on the normal time of Egypt but the Egyption Gov stopped it last year then the problem came out because last week it was the time to change the clock which stopped but my PC , my Carrier network didn't stopped that so i had to change the PC time and iphone time to the correct one and then my problem came with twitter app which didn't want to refresh new tweets or tweet or any thing it work but its like no network. Even when i try to delete twitter and install it from my iphone it tells me to double check the username and pass and when i try safari twitter it works fine but when i sync with itunes it changes my iphone time and suddenly twitter works like nothing happened and even my PC time is correct which i changed it but itunes adds one hour and when i change my iphone time again the problem happens again so after long talk i only needs to know HOW TO FiX ITUNES TIME becase twitter depends on time zone and i sent an email to twitter and they said they will be assigned to an engineer and will look in to it but still have the problem.

I am realy sorry for the long post but these are the only problems that i have no answer for .
And thanks for advanse
PS: sorry for any bad language its not my first language.

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