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How To's - Archive / 4.0 Cydia apps on 3.1.3
« on: July 01, 2011, 03:36:29 AM »
WARNING: Do this at your own risk. Some apps make you have to restore your iPod.

Following Apps crash iPod:
Display Recorder
(Reply if you know any more)

You will need:
OpenSSH and Manager

1.Download the deb file you would like to install from the internet
2.Rename the deb file so there are no spaces in the name (Example: gag gag.deb to gaggag.deb
3.SSH into your iPod and place the downloaded deb in var/mobile/
4.Open MobileTerminal and enter this(after every line press return)

dpkg -i FileNameHere.deb

It should give you a dependancy error(just ignore it)
6.SSH into your iPod again and go to var/lib/dpkg
7.Open the file called status
8.Press ctrl-f and search for the name of your package (it should be something like com.yourpackage.bigboss
9. Delete the entire line labeled Depends:
10. Respring again and your done :)

Archives / Re: Best way to cook a waffle
« on: July 01, 2011, 03:06:43 AM »
I eat waffles frozen at 11:23 am in the chair at the far left of our dinner table. :)

My dog has brown fur.

 lunch or dinner or snack of brunch - CENSORED

quiero una firma de silkroad pleasee buajaja  8)


awesomeness since your good at graphics. Do you know how I can change an app's icon? I tried changing the icon.png file in the application, but the icon didn't change...

The only reason I am making this forum is because I am bored. And you are probably reading this because you are bored too.
Post anything here from your lunch to your dog's fur color, so we will not be bored anymore.

How To's - Archive / Re: How to sync Wirelessly (iOS5 like)
« on: July 01, 2011, 01:34:52 AM »
I tried this on my 1st generation iPod running 3.1.3 and it worked. I tried this on my 4th generation iPod touch running 4.3.3 and it said unrecognized device. Does Wi-Fi Sync support 4.x.x

This is completely off topic, but has anyone had a problem lately where won't load in your web browser. It just keeps loading but never gets to the website?

I am currently making a sbsettings toggle to turn ipod app on/ off sort of like what bcooperiscool said. I should have it within the next few days in my repo. Just keep checking my repo for the package.

My Repo:

(Lately I have been having some problems with myrepospace, so just pm me if any packages are missing.)
(There should be about 10 packages in my repo.)

Like guaneet said, on the older versions of the iPod touches there are two seperate apps Video and Music. This combines them to make iPod. I didn't know that older iPhones already had this, I will edit it. But did this work for the people who have iPod touches?

How To's - Archive / How to get (no download) (NOT TESTED)
« on: June 30, 2011, 04:38:23 AM »
You need ifile or openssh to do this...

IMPORTANT: if you have a different file that ends in "AP" that is a plist file, post the name and device in a reply.

Navigate to system.library.core

Open the file call  N72AP or N45AP  with text viewer

add exactly this (must keep in alphabetical order. Example: iPod is after hat and before lab)


Then click save.

Exit iFile


Reply if you have any problems.

Do GreenPois0n boot logos work for this? Because I tried with one of them and nothing happened.

One tweak that I would want in iOS 5 is some kind of enhanced version of SlideAway for 3.x, and the High Contrast mode for Whited00r.

SlideAway Screenshots:

Thanks MotionLess I restored my iPod with iReb in iTunes and it works just like new now.

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