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Hi, after 5hours of search. I finally found a version of viber that works in my iphone 2g ios 3.1.3. It doesnt crash anymore and its push notification is also working :)) No need to restore.

Thats good



btw, how can i backup my cert?  and thanks for your reply :)

There is a topic about it somewhere in the fourms maybe in the main site just search And you will find it

T_T so I need to do a clean restore just to make the viber work?  there's no other way?

No i dont think that there is any other way

Sorry :D


I did not do a clean restore. I just first uninstalled all the push app. Then I use SAM to fix the push notification. After that I installed Ipusher and the notification is working. Then I installed facebook app to test. And the push notification of facebook is also working fine. After that I installed viber. After installing, everytime i open it, it will automatically close. I already tried version 2.1.4 and 2.1.3 which is posted here but it don't work also. I also tried viber from the itunes, it ask for access code then after that it crash. After the crash, Everytime I open it, it automatically close.

If it was working before you fix the push then you may need to restore , because viber may stored some data when you first install it before you fix the push these data may be what makes it crash .
But if you are going to restore then dont forget to backup your push notifications certs

Ehab 


Hi, I have iphone 2g ios 3.1.3. and I downloaded viber from this thread. Viber was working fine and I used it for 1month already.

I decided to fix my push notification in iphone 2g. It's fixed now. But the problem is, the viber won't work. After I click the viber icon it's closing automatically. 

I wonder why it wont work now, it works fine before I fixed my push notification. Is this because I fixed the push notification?

How exactly did you fix it ??
Becase to fix the push notifications you must do a clean restore with jailbreak or whited00r and fix it before you install any push app like whatsapp , viber ,etc ...
So this may be what makes it crash is that you fixed the push while there is a push app installed

Ehab 

No i'm not gonna enter this for you ! Motherfucker ! Go enter yourself you cunt !


So where can I download the lockinfo for ios 3?

just add ihacksrepo :

and search for lockinfo ios3

So i really value my messages and contacts and notes, so i made sure to copy the files through ssh before restoring. (Btw i was running wd5rc)  the thing is after restoring i put them back and it works gret i can read my messages and notes. The problem is i cant recieve messages and i cant add notes or contacts. Please help!

because the permissions are wrong

try to set the right permission like in  the pic

I was serious!  if putting it in the fridge fixes the wifi issue for a short time, then it is definitely hardware related.

my own way is to put it on top of an ice bag for a while . or while you use your iphone and it dose work and not a joke

Hi everyone,

well i've been looking for how to activate push notifications on iphone 2G but all i see is members saying doesn't work and push Doctor is not available and I would like to know  how this situation is....

And if it's possible to do it without broking my Idevice, please tell me a good and nice tutorial :D


P.S: sorry for my bad english

here it is

I try the ios 3.1.3 app but it shows only 2 seconds  and close the app I try the Bollywood hungama ,advance cinema and ndtv app does not working plz help me to work this app on the wd

maybe the app craches in ios 3 only, but the app dev may release a fix ( or not )

I can't install lockinfo on WD 5.2.1(ios 3.1.3) and it say that it have to depends something like libstatusbar and firmware => 4.0
How can I install it?
Can I install ios 5 lockinfo theme on RagingNinja's repo?

add and install lockinfo from there and yes you can install ios5 lockinfo theme from RagingNinja's repo

How to speed up WD 5.2.1 iphone 2g? It so lag............

1) run terminal and type :

su root

and then delete the unwanted languages

2) run terminal and type :

su root

and choose y to delete all retina

3) run terminal and type :

su root

and then disable unwanted daemons

4) add whited00r repo ( ) and install iSpeedUp

and then run terminal and type:

su root

and then choose y to all to free some space but read them first so that you dont delete some thing you want

that will speed your iphone 2g

Ehab :D

HAHAHAHA at first this is funny .hahaha . So I just do stupid things I just Installed folder for ios3 on Xselllize.repo and It's has some lag . And I remove it . And no more Folders on my iphone . So please help me how to restore folders . I don't want to restore back my iphone . Just want to restore folder :) HELP ME :) pleasee HAHAHA XD

i think there is WD ios 3 folders in whited00r repo
Yahhh! I installed it! But It's the same as xsellize repo . Arghhh :( . With whited00r original if I open whatssapp and let it by backgrounder , it's not laggy when I open the folders . But with folders in whited00r repo . It's too laggy :( . Help me pleasee :(

do you have folders effects enabled ??? because they lag the folders .

if you dont have it enabled then try to install lite folders from Kosciak's repo

I also have the lock sound bug, but its okay

For the sound I found out that Siri is what makes the sound high

But still I can't get any sound or flash when I turn off silent mode ( to tell me that I am in normal mode )

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