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Amateur Developers / Re: [PUBLIC BETA] BetterFolders for iOS 3
« on: December 18, 2013, 01:19:19 AM »
This is so pretty, it makes me happy :)))))
Good job dudes. :D

Free Forum! - Everything Off Topic Elsewhere Goes Here! / Re: Hey
« on: October 04, 2013, 10:01:39 PM »
A new horizon is nigh! :D

Then I guess everyone using that version is boned :p

Yes most apps will be updated for iOS 7 and not support older versions. The changes are drastic, and we will see iOS 6 get phased out faster than 4.1

Amateur Developers / Re: StockMode (Performance Booster)
« on: September 11, 2013, 01:26:27 AM »
Used this script, had a springboard crash, which then resulted in a respring loop not fixable by safemode because you did something stupid with all the daemons. I had to restore. So this is what I found out:
If you respring which in "stockmode" you are in trouble.

Don't hurt meh Munkey... EYEZ PECK YOU

I...I chicken :'(
Everybody knows me round these parts. D: BAD MUNKEY

^^^^ Hai Munkey :3 good point though. Running iPhones...that are bricked. NO


I know >< I had 1.1.4 on my Dad's broken iPhone 2G. Which is now running iOS3.1.3 but still bricked. :P
1.1.4 was quite fast, but has nothing. Not even the App Store... ;-;
Hey sallright of you just like the phone and the texting ;)
We allll good brudda!

Please specify what device you're talking about.
1.0 only supported the iPhone 2G
1.1 introduced the iPod Touch 1G
2.0 introduced iPhone 3G and the iPod Touch 2G
3.0, the iPhone 3GS
3.1/2, iPad 1

I would say 3.0 without thinking of a sepcific device, as update = improvements. Improvement =/= Features. Improvement also includes speed, bug fixes, etc..
So I would say 3.0 would be the "fastest" and most stable ;)
DUDE HAVE YOU EVER USED 1.1? IT'S MAGICAL AND FAST (and pretty much useless)

Amateur Developers / Re: AEOS 7 BETA
« on: August 24, 2013, 01:43:04 AM »
worked on idk, we already have in the world: whited00r, redd00r, Archetype, resurrection, and bl4ck0ut , we do not want iOS modding to become fragmented like Android :(
This particular chicken is now calling all members of the iOS CFW community: COME TOGETHER AND LOVE EACH OTHER D:
Join me in battle, brothers and sisters....against antiquity which is ever creeping into our old devices.

I am the all powerful superbeak. I am le chicken! I'm an admin at Bl4ck0ut and meet here since.... 0.o I forget. I do c++ and study cyber forensics in college. I drive a Volvo 850 GLT. I occasionally swear at Andy and ask Brian about "things".

("roothis -p /hi/im/a/path/:D/") or something..

Andy is mean sometimes...and he has something against chickens >:(

ok, so im now using ios 4 (for debug purposes and inspiration) is their any build (besides redd00r which is unstable and archetype that didn't work really well on ios 4)thats stable enough to use to speed up ios 4?
if theres no tweak or anything i guess i'll stick with what i got :/
Well let's be honest, there is another project which is for iOS 4....Don't know if I can even mention the name because some moderators here are mean and delete posts when they mean no harm. It's called Bl4ck0ut, and there is a 7.0 beta release which is quite nice....

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