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You tried in other pc?? Its not detect the iphone is other hardware error for example the dock usb.

You need to restore in other pc was never have itunes installed.
And you turn off the iphone and conect to itunes and press the home button to enter in recovery mode, itunes will detect the iphone...
Or enter to dfu mode and try to restore.

You need to restore to 7.1.2
If not work you can have a hardware error for example the battery...

The app time machine finally works again YAY!!! go try it it should work fine there was a sever issue witch is why it didn't work before.
ypu can find the .ipa of telegram messenger in the app time machine? And send my?

Apps Compatible with iOS 3.1, 3.1.3, 4.1 & 4.2.1 / App and tweak
« on: August 21, 2015, 10:55:54 PM »
I want to recors my screen in my iphone 3g ios 4.1 exist a tweak or app to record my screen?
I installe recordmyscreen and not work, and i search for display recorder and is not compatible for ios 3 or 4.
Any way to record my screen???
And i want the telegram messenger.ipa for ios 4.1 (the version compatible is 1.02) i need a link for download the .ipa

In the app store have 2 mini web browsers
1-mini browser
2mini borwser pro.
I have the mini bromwer pro and is compatible with youtube.

I think so of your iphone is 3gs right?
Because you update in ota. And you never update with ota server when you have jailbreak (in this time Whited00r installed).
Always crash your iphone.
You need to restore to ios 6 or install whited00r and not update in ota.

I download the mini browser and is good, load good the youtube videos.
If you can foud other browser or good apps share :)

good regret to say that first of all you can never have WhatsApp on iPhone 3G even though you're in the IOS version 4.2.1. good to start Whited00r not say that you installed ios 7, nothing else is a custom firmware that brings the look of ios 7 and some features of this. Whited00r everything is based on the ios 3.1.3 that when installing Whited00r ios 3.1.3 is installed

Apps Compatible with iOS 3.1, 3.1.3, 4.1 & 4.2.1 / Re: Dockflow
« on: August 19, 2015, 12:09:51 AM »
Oh the foxtube is not compatible requires arm7 cpu...
And you can help me to search the telegram messenger? The version is 1.02 and the problem of uc browser?

Apps Compatible with iOS 3.1, 3.1.3, 4.1 & 4.2.1 / Re: Dockflow
« on: August 16, 2015, 04:37:36 PM »
oh I'm sorry. is the telegram messenger if you find the .ipa of telegram messenger please share :) and I test the app Netflix if you share now, oh and if you also find the solution to uc browser serious you are the best :)
if you can also find a compatible version of these apps It would be the ultimate "foxtube" and "Crunchyroll"

Apps Compatible with iOS 3.1, 3.1.3, 4.1 & 4.2.1 / Re: Dockflow
« on: August 16, 2015, 12:14:35 PM »
Oh is bad... No have other way to run this tweak... I need upgrade to 4.2.1
Well, and you can search for the .ipa of the app "Telegram" for ios 4 or 3?? The version compatible is 1.1 or 1.2 And "youtube" .ipa and "netflix? The netflix version is 1.2 And the uc browser not work true? I download a older version and always crash when i open the app.

Please search and share whats other web browser can play youtube videos.

I have ios 4.1 and youtube videos not work in my opera mini...
I go to safari and work well.
Other web browser to play videos in youtube? Uc browser dont work on any version older...

Apps Compatible with iOS 3.1, 3.1.3, 4.1 & 4.2.1 / Re: Dockflow
« on: August 15, 2015, 05:50:03 PM »
I miss ... and searched before whether it was compatible with iOS 3 and 4 ... but then if you change the IOS version from ifile I can tweak install correctly? or no way to run on my current ios?

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