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You not have more versions?
Not work? Puffin or photon flash player for iphone

Not work the second version what you share... The version is 1.6.7 and not work
I found and i download the version 1.6.6 and not work.
What is the version compatible?
All requires ios 4.2?
You can found a less version of this?
And you can found the app photon fladh player for iphone?
Thanks :(

You can create a tweak for aviliable the same control center of whited00r on a other devices with dont have whited00r installed?

Ok i tried later this version of puffin
You can found the photon flash player-browser for iphone? A version compatible in ios 3-4.1?

I have ios 4.1
This version of this app is for ios 4.2 :/
I installed the app editing the file info.plist
I running the app and i get this "error"
Waiting for connect and dont load :( help?

The app puffin web browser was compatible for ios 3.x or 4?

I want to download this app
I found the app and version was compatible for the ios 3 and 4 and i dont have any version or the app.

I spanish
Tu entiendes perfectamente el espaƱol?
Almenos yo no uso traductor para escribir por eso es mi mal ingles xd

is possible enable the banner notifications witch tweak??

I was have crunchyroll and tryed and not load the options, movies, etc.
The crunchyroll not support the old devices. Sorry

I was have whited00r and i download the Crunchyroll app aviliable in the app time machine market.
I think so a one people can download the app in the iphone, save in to pc and upload to a server web. :(

Whats the name of the tweak that enable banner notifications in the ios 3 or 4? You have this?

:( the ipa what you linked not work its versios is 2.11 :( no work on iphone 3g
I think so a version compatible for iphone 3g is between 1.00 to 2.00 you can found this?
In the app time machine in whited00r Crunchyroll is aviliable the verion is??

I waiting for download the Crunchyroll app from you link i dont have wiffi in this moment.
And yes i requesting the game "Ninjump deluxe" you can have the version compatible witch the iphone 3g? I want to you upload this game? You can?
Thanks :)

And the game ninjum deluxe is compatible witch the iphone 3g ios 4.1? Y search for the game and is compatible you can upload the version compatible witch this?

Thanks :D i download the app and install later.
I coment later

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