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Yes, the Whited00r project pretty much over as there are no developers working on it.

The Whited00r's App Time Machine store as been disabled by the site owner because of copyright issues.

No but seriously, what is there for watching youtube videos on the older ipods and iphone running whited00r software?...

Nope, nothing so far as YouTube broke it for iOS 3.1.3 on which Whited00r is based. I tried the YouTube app today on a dog slow stock iPhone 3G iOS 4.2.1 and it's broken also but works in Safari.

Try this & report back if it worked:

1- Disconnect the USB cable from your iPhone, but leave the other side connected to your Mac or PC & launch iTunes.

2- Press and hold down the Home and Sleep/Power button on the top of the iPhone to turn off the iPhone.

3- Press and continue to hold the Home Button while you reconnect the USB cable to your iPhone, this will cause the iPhone to turn on.

4- Continue to hold the Home button until an alert message in iTunes informing you that an iPhone in recovery mode.

5- Restore the iPhone using iTunes.

Is your iPhone 3G factory unlocked? Model number?

If not try the free AT&T unlock service, when entering your IMEI their database will tell you if it's an AT&T model & if so will unlock it: I used it yesterday for an iPhone 3G & it got unlocked in 24 hours with an email confirmation & connecting it to iTunes.

"...redsn0w keeps force closing" - Maybe you are not using the correct version of Redsn0w. Try this pinned post: [Solved] whited00r 6 iPhone 3G NO SERVICE NO NETWORK Baseband 05.15.04

Well have you tried the Installation button on the navigation bar of the main site? Whited00r Tutorial - Installation

There are also navigations buttons for the download pages of the different devices supported by Whited00r including the iPhone 3G.

You could also read this: Whited00r 6 - FAQ & Troubleshooting - READ BEFORE POSTING!

This is an extremely basic tutorial to fix the problem that occurs when you click "restart spring board" in older versions of Cydia. Many people have experienced this issue...

Thanks but that is already in the Whited00r 6 - FAQ & Troubleshooting - READ BEFORE POSTING! under the chapter Whited00r 6 Known Bugs and it's also a sticky in the Troubleshooting forum: [Solved] Cydia Respring or "Restart SpringBoard" causes Infinite Loop?

So it's not only "Many people have experienced this issue" it's a bug in the current Cydia version in all iOS under 4 which includes Whited00r. :/

We wrote to Saurik the dev of Cydia to no avail so far.

...if you search for WD in the search bar in tapatalk you won't find it...

Thanks for the post.

More info & screen captures here: Whited00r Forum Working in Tapatalk - Search Forums Broken

I have been trying to get the original iOS 3.1.3 for iPod 2G but i'm not able to get it not even from the apple servers...

You can find the links to most of the original iOS firmware on the Apple servers here:

But for the  iPod Touch 2G iOS 3.1.3 download it here:

Note that Whited00r 6 is based on the speedy iOS 3.1.3 but optimized & with many added features.

May I ask why you want the stock iOS 3.1.3?

Español / GRITAR!!!!
« on: October 02, 2013, 03:34:17 PM »
Gracias por su aporte pero... en los foros escribir todo EN MAYUSCULA es el equivalente a GRITAR en la web!  :o


A partir de ahora, todo los posts nuevos escribido todo en mayúscula van a estar eliminados sin más advertencias.

...I'd like to buy an iPhone 2G just for collecting... But I don't know what's the maximum price I should pay for this mobile phone. Most of items I've seen on eBay are damaged at the back cover (lots of scratches)...
So... What do you think I should pay for an original iPhone?

Price depends a lot on the condition of the iPhone and the country you are shopping in and old iPhones are usually cheaper in USA. You did not say the name of the country you live in so consider custom taxes and many eBay US sellers will not ship outside their country.

"...just for collecting" - If you are looking for an iPhone 2G in mint condition with the original box and all the original accessories then it will probably cost as much as a new iPhone 5S... or more. :o

There are so many variables that it is impossible to reply to your question: "what's the maximum price I should pay" because everything is relative.

...The SIM card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported.
The SIM card that you currently have installed in this iPhone is from a carrier that is not supported under the activation policy that is currently assigned by the activation server. This is not a hardware issue with the iPhone. Please insert another SIM card from a supported carrier or request that this iPhone be unlocked by your carrier. Please contact Apple for more information.

This is because your iPhone is carrier locked.

What do you want to achieve exactly? Which iOS do you want at the end of the process?

If you want iOS 4.2.1 you have 2 choices:

1- Mess around with the modem firmware (baseband) to get one that can be carrier unlocked. See this thread and follow exactly the steps: [Solved] iPhone 3G Free Unlock Baseband 05.15.04 05.14.02 - No Service Searching - Downgrade iPad 06.15.00 Modem Firmware

2- Go to eBay and pay less than $2 to factory unlock permanently your iPhone 3G if it comes from the USA region then use iTunes and let it install the stock iOS 4.2.1 and activate your iPhone and be done with it.

Even if you are stuck in Emergency Mode, you can use the free iTools (click on English), connect your iPhone and see all the essential info including region & modem firmware.

Since you do not have a Whited00r problem per say, I am moving your thread out of the Whited00r troubleshooting forum to the Free Forum.

Note to other users: if your iPhone 3G is factory unlocked and running stock iOS 4.2.1 you can speed it up and get all the features by installing Whited00r Normal version for iPhone 3G and you will not loose the factory unlocked nor the push notifications and can install back stock iOS 4.2.1 using iTunes anytime if you don't like WD.

...I have iPhone 3g and have installed whited00r 6.
Now my iPhone have this settings:
Version 3.1.3 (7E18), Firmware 05.15.04...

You have problem with your push !!

...and without

NO! He does not have a push certificates problem because he has modem firmware 05.15.04 which only works to make & receive calls when the iPhone is factory unlocked or if you have the original SIM.

iTunes automatically activates & installs push certificates when it is factory unlocked (or if you have the original SIM) so there is no need to use or the tutorial: [Solved] whited00r 6 Unlocked Push Notifications Quick Fix

More info about baseband (modem firmware): [Solved] iPhone 3G Free Unlock Baseband 05.15.04 05.14.02 - No Service Searching - Downgrade iPad 06.15.00 Modem Firmware

He also wrote this, proof that his notifications are working:

...After that i open the viber and i see notification.

...Are we delete our 3.1.3 , And install 4.2.1 !!!

You don't need to delete a firmware (iOS). You just install a new one and it overwrites the previous one.

If you install iOS 4.2.1 over whited00r which is based on an optimized iOS 3.1.3 + custom features then you will loose App Time Machine that has for sure more than 1,000 free compatible & tested apps for a "maybe" in App Store as some apps are not available as users mentioned above.

Besides the slowness of 4.2.1 and loss of Whited00r features.

I don't know why Apple/iTunes does not enable downloading old apps for iOS 3.1.3 in App Store as by doing that they are excluding iPod Touch 1G and iPhone 2G which cannot run any iOS above 3.1.3 because of their hardware limitations. :(

Nop like i tested it and tapatalk and lots of apps are not supported :( ?

Why not list the apps you tested to help other users saving time?

And please specify your device model and which iOS is currently running on it.

FYI: [Solved] Whited00r Forum Viewing in Tapatalk? Search Forums Broken

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