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 ;D I reckon they broke the mould when they made you, lol......

If like Fink you would rather still be using cups and string  :o>----------------<:o then forget about it ;D, For everybody else check it out. ;D

Well tbh as a realist myself  I don't hold much hope for it either. That being said, for the chance to grow a tree you got to plant a seed first, that's all this is. I mean if the main JB players are pushing the cause I guess people should get behind it. I think we owe them that much, where we would we be without them? no d00r for a start.

Not sure about that, Plantbeing says he has 6.02 untethered, just doesn't want to burn exploits realising too soon, and Pod2g who IMO is the the main player has not put any real time into the latest jb due to his personal commitments, someting that will change very soon if his recent twitter comments are anything to go by. In terms of a release It's not so much if but when.

It would make things a lot easier long term if Apple stopped the cat and mouse game and just opened up Ios. Will it happen?....Maybe....maybe not who knows but it's got to be worth a try.

I know ios 6 maybe even 7 is a long way down the track in terms of whited00r but eventually it will be as lost and forgoten to Apple as ios 4 is now, which I guess is where d00r comes in. It will be a lot easier then if Ios is open.

Calling all whited00r fans and followers. Just want to bring to your attention something going on within the jailbreak community at the minute. Please follow through Twitter @weWantAnOpeniOS . The objective of this is to lobby Apple to open up ios for all. The campaign is heavily supported by the likes of Pod2g and Plantbeing,major players in the jailbreak community. So please consider showing your support. :)

By cert I mean certificate for the server. I believe it uses the 4s one, maybe donated ones I'm not sure about that. Anyways seems to work well enough. I have good integration ie reminders, messaging and so fourth. Also dictation works well. I will stick for now as I'm happy but if I have any probs with it I'll look into what you said, maybe pm you if you dont mind and pick your brains about it.Thanks for the insight.

I bet, 4s was an option but contract price was to high.

I looked into spite and spire but was put off a bit by the possibility of bricking, I know I could rescue it but cant be bothered with hassle. Any ways got it working now via siriport.

For those who don't know

I first jail broke with absynthe

Installed siriport from repo

Got cert from

Then about 3 hours of saying hi to siri to activate. My girlfriend must have thout I was nuts, lol. Then hay presto, it started to work.

No problems to report as yet, seems to do everything I ask. ;D

Cheers applepie, anyone had any experience using spite?

So I finally bit the bullet and upgraded to iPhone 4. Lol, so much quicker then my 3G. Anyways been looking at jailbreaks and tweaks, one of which is Siri. As with a lot of these things;web, YouTube etc is a minefield of contradictory information about what method to use, what proxey to use blah blah blah.. I really can't be bothered with it if I have to keep changing proxies, have to pay in anyway or the service is that limited and buggy,it's not worth the hassle. What do you guys think?

Anybody got it running? If so how? How well does it work? Do you have any of the above issues? Did you have to pay?

Just to update, onBoot option also blank.

Redd00r running on iphone3G

Just updated Ch40s to new 2.5.6 via OTA. Seem to have lost redd00r update screen, the selection is still there for it but when selected it's blank ( used to have update button and source).
I have been into settings and it appears to still search for update there so no major biggey. On a positive note, settings seems to open a lot quicker now and I'm digging new graphics.

How To's - Archive / Re: Boost Wifi?
« on: June 28, 2012, 07:27:40 AM »
Hay there.

Your wifi signal as with any signal is double ended, transmitter and receiver. I very much doubt anything you do to your device concerning software anyway will have any great effect , if any (unless there's a software problem concerning your wifi on your idevice). It is very much a hardware issue you are describing. Unless you are skilled in the art of installing a better receiver ariel within your idevice the easiest way to go about your problem Is to increase transmitter signal (your router). This can be done in two ways, buy a better router with a longer range, or increase your ariel size on your router (check eBay). The first option being the best option in my opinion. Maybe as a short term fix, check your router position, signal is weakend by distance. The more objects it has to bounce around before it gets to your target area the weaker the signal will be when it gets there. A simple router reposition may help you get an extra signal bar or two. There are many "snake oil" remedies for this problem ranging from software tweaks to placing card behind router ariel, trust me you're just wasting your time, buy a better router. ;)

Whited00r Development - Archive / Re: WDNewsstand- (working download)
« on: June 26, 2012, 08:36:04 AM »
Great work, got it downloaded through safari via ifile, and then auto installed again through ifile. I'm on custom iOS 4.1.2 btw. I'm finding the twitter feed part quick but the whited00r store part a bit laggy. A pinch to zoom feature would be handy, if it has one it's not working for me. Reading forum in full site view is a pain without it. Also app icon is there but app features twitter facebook etc are not visible on app image on springboard. Overall  it seems very stable.

Again great work though, good to see things at last are moving in the right direction. :)

I did not catch your post, but I tried new installous today. Hash sum miss match error. Not sure if that was your problem or not. As previous post stated, the devs of installous are normally well on top of the service, I'm sure it will be fixed real soon.

I'm on 4.1.2 as well for your info.

As for the leaving thing. As with every forum, there is a huge mix of people, the good the bad and the ugly. Don't take things so personally. There are a lot of good honest users and devs within the community that will always try to help you out.  Remember some people get there kicks from trolling and being damn right rude for no other reason then there own amusement, don't give them what they want. ;)

How about 'Dave'  ;D

Being serious though,good work. I'm looking forward to try this one when u release. I'm not a fan of 'sara'. Keep the community posted on your development.

Repository - Archive / Re: repo alternative untill repo's back
« on: April 30, 2012, 12:50:30 PM »
I've had an idea that although isn't a fix all, it might be a step in the right direction in terms of freeing up the moderators time and frustrations, at least on the forum. let me think it through properly and I will start a new thread and share it with mods and members alike. I think we've hijacked this post/thread enough, lol.

I will say it does not involve anything that will compromise the security of the servers. :)

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