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hi whitedoor users i have problem with my iphone 3G WD7.1 the problem is sound speaker does not work for music and calls and notifications but work when i put my phone charge by usb in pc or simple charge... strange anyone can help i loose much calls :(

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Hi whitedoorian users i have some problem with my sound on my iphone 3G wd7.1 the sound not work  when i click to play but i move the cursor to 2:35 min or other minutes of music and the sound play but crash sometimes and stop and now only work with phones.

anyone ?

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Hi guy i need some help to do this:

I already did the part that appears in the first image that is on the left but could not get success in the second, I made a new plist file but without success algue can help me? i add my plist in attac....

Anyone can gave to me or find the small icon like iOS7 ?

All Regards,
Sir Roven

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Well, this can be a stupid question but I made some research and I have  a question can we make port/convert apps android to iOS ?
Well I found this website to do that I think  ::) I ask that because if possible we can make for example convert last version of instagram android version and port to iOS 3.1.3 ... sorry if this is a stupid question xD

Sir Roven

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Português / Roven | [Mods] [Gráficos]
« on: April 10, 2014, 02:49:04 AM »
Olá a todos venho aqui vos trazer soluções para alguns problemas que neste momento temos no WD7.1.2. :)

Eu tenho um tópico no fórum oficial do WD aqui:,11162.msg98169.html#new

Finalmente consegui resolver alguns erros de tradução / tradução incompleta no firmware 7.1.2 Whited00r para o idioma de Portugal (PT- PT) .


    Mudou Definições de Ajustes de ler cada palavra de vez em quando , antes de cortar letras.
    Resolvido bug em ambientes não traduzir a Rede de Dados Móveis

havia relatado na seção de Whited00r fórum Bug Report , mas devido a alguns ajustes que bloqueiam este problema poderia fazer uma correção para esse problema. - Tópico Fórum Whited00r ->,11128.0.html

Se você quer este adicionar este FIX add este repo para o Cydia e escolha LanguagePT pacote :D[/i ]

Para mais informações  - > [/ b]

Hi, people i made some modifications on but i cant make a ipa file to install... :(

Anyone can help me ?

PS:  I tried with itools  export but appear some error cant copy coderesources failed  :( and i skip  and then i put folder in Payload app and then zip with Youtube.IPA renamed and when i go to install with itools gave me erro epicfail or packageinspection failed  ::)

Amateur Developers / Roven | [Mods] [Graphics]
« on: April 01, 2014, 02:21:35 AM »
Hello I'm working on modifications (mods) in WD7.1 to put any more identical fashion to Apple's iOS7.1 but also in my creativity here so I just want to share for those who want to enjoy: D

I am also modifying some applications youtube, facebook,and many more a graphical level who knows more tar code but for now only graphic :)

| Changelogs |

Youtube App - v1.5

- Change initial logo
- Change Icons
- Dark Design Flat UI
- Updated language PT-PT by me :)

More Details and Download Link on  :)

Feel free to share your feedback ;)

Hello everyone, I'm from Portugal so use the iphone 3G EN language and encounter the bug that has persisted in WD7 and continues in WD7.1 and consists of a graphical bug that I'm willing to be corrected if image error if the try code but I'll need help. the bug is as follows:

the first image you can see that is well translated but notice that in the second image is not equal ie missing the "s" to complete the translation; hope I have been clear in explaining.

Summarizing the blue is the correct and vermenho is wrong or is supposed to be in red and blue is.

Another Bug is Another bug is network is not translated into Portuguese as seen in the image and should be "Mobile Data / PT-PT: Dados Móveis".

All, Sir Roven

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Hello to all my free time working on android code and recently got an iphone 3g and I also want to learn to make some changes in android source but Apple is not open wherefores, I would like to know which files should I change to make this way the phone application? you just change the image files? or you need to change some code?

It takes some specific program or photoshop solve?

What I want is to do is MOD for WD 7.1 but my way: D

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Português / | Aplicações |
« on: February 18, 2014, 06:04:02 PM »
Olá a todos, venho aqui trazer á comunidade PT a aplicação do Facebook em Português/Brazileiro visto que na AppTimeMachine Store vem em inglês.

Aplicação: Facebook
Versão: 4.0

Sir Roven,

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