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Holy crap, can someone do this? I would love to play Minecraft...

PG forum please - bcooperizcool ;)

Anyone got good places to buy cases for the iPhone 2G?

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That's the general idea, there is nothing compatible with 3.1.3 for that :(
Lameski.. Oh well :(

I think there is one tweak that does that, but I really can't remember the name of it off the top of my head, it had been ages since I used it :(  I think there is a tweak that shows when you received and sent messages, every message.
*quick google later*  Ah, it is called "SMS TimeStamps", but I don't think it is compatible with 3.1.3 :/
Also another one (this one is free, not sure about the other, but I'm sure a pirate repo has it so you can test if it works on 3.1.3 ;) ), called xMessages.
So I guess Big Boss repo comes default with Whited00r? I searched for xMessages cause thats what google says who has it, and it doesn't come up :(

I don't think so, at least not with the stock messaging app at any rate :/  If just adding in multiple names doesn't work then you probably need a third party app to do it :(

I know there was a couple apps that did support it, one being textplus. You could try that out, I know it supported 3.1.3 at some point so it is probably in the App Time Machine, if not I can crack it and upload it to here/the App Time Machine.
Ah crappy, I'll try that! I'm actually really happy with WD6, its pretty cool and stable. Just wish it had group messaging. Do you know of any tweaks to get the messages to show the time/date when texts are received/sent

I feel like its not possible but its worth asking, for the iPhone 2G can it do group chats like the newer iPhone versions?

Some may be cheap, but it might be broken, and all scratched up.
To me, I prefer to buy it from large resellers or Apple. Or Sometimes, from people I know...

eBay is something I do not ever trust... the quality issues.. to me, are really important
Off topic what world do you play in MS? Also yeah maybe Ill just deal with this issue cause when its at the lowest volume it doesn't come out the speakers and only plays through my headphones :/ I can't really afford a new iPod

For that price in the U.S you could just buy a new 2G :o
What really?! Is it on ebay for that price?! Headphone jacks only cost $2.. but I don't know how to solder so I don't want to touch it

That does sound like a hardware issue :( (which is what you said about taking it to a third party fixing place right?)
Yeah I just contacted one of them.. damn $50 dollars to replace the jack but I'm not even sure if thats the problem :/

Okay, the original problem was that it never played music. By downgrading to 2.2.1 it plays music now. But it comes out through the external speakers as well as the headphones at the same time. When I use the volume rockers it shows up as speakers. So it plays through both, but it doesn't detect the headphone jack

That is really odd, it makes me think something was messed up on your system, because after restores the problem shouldn't be there :o  that is why I asked if you restored from  a backup at all, because it is possible the backup got corrupted :/
Yeah thats the thing, I never restored it to a backup, I used a 3.1.3 IPSW that I downloaded :P but I still think theres an issue the ipod doesnt detect my headphones but it plays through the headphones/external speaker I gotta go to a third party repair shop

Downgrading to 2.2.1 is silly, you won't have any apps compatible :(

Maybe upgrading to 4.2.1 would help though ;)

One thing, do you restore your device to a backup in iTunes when you restore?  That can cause issues with jailbreaks a lot of the time (not just whited00r).
Wow I just downgraded... I put it into DFU mode and I did it..why did I waste so much TIME. Well thanks for your help anyways :) I hope this plays my music.
It works my music works Iunno why that worked but it did :D

I was originally on 4.2.1, then I downgraded to 3.1.3 and still nothing! haha thats true, but I rather have my music work :/ I restore my iPod to IPSWs files

Music was not playing, Ill press play after I restored and synced and itll just stop and the play button will appear again. Ah this sucks so much.. But still how did people downgrade then?! I see it on youtube in comments, and one in the apple forum

I've seen online, that people that downgraded to 2.2.1 (I'm on 3.1.3 and im MB) fixes the issue where when you play music it just stops each time you click play? Does anyone have this issue or could guide me on how to fix this? Everytime I try to downgrade I get error 20. Im not sure how to make a custom ipsw either :/

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