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Very wierd....I am again at Bulgaria for some days ( on roaming with my Greek Network) and location works perfect both with Edge and Wifi!!! W T F is this?? I think something has to do with the Bulgarian Network that I am on roaming

Yep I have on cydia only sbsettings, icleaner and iFile nothing else installed! On the APN settings I have reset them many times (replacing after with the default) and still nothing happens :/ I think reinstalling fresh and clean WD 6 would be the only way :(((

Hey there yep it was working perfect before the trip... So I guess something with the roaming network at Bulgaria happend :/ I ve tried also the reset network option but nothing happend...I think i will manually reset (delete) the apn settings and see what for the wifi  I have try over 3 different wifi spots (different ip) and all these 3 locate me on same location( Piraeus port around 400 klms from my current location)!

Same problem I have since end of February. To be more specific I had a trip from Greece to Bulgaria (where I stayed around 1 month). At Bulgaria I used my Data Roaming 2 times only( as it's charges alot) to find my location with Google Maps and after I disabled DATA completely. Coming back to Greece few days ago I reenabled the DATA I can connect to Internet normally but location services have problem... Using EDGE/Gprs on my 2G(WD 6 ofcourse) I get the message that my location can not be found...Using wifi I get a blue cyrcle but it's showing me around 400 klms away... I am on Tinos island and dot is showing Piraeus port in Attica...I tried to load/unload the daemons but nothing happend...

Cad I think this is a general problem of iOS 3.1.3 and not WD 6 problem. Also 2G is an iDevice with limited RAM...

Is it 100% sure you can save your SMS with iTools Julio? I haven't use it at all, I use Moborobo!

Suggestions for the Next Whited00r Version / Re: whited00r theme ?
« on: February 14, 2013, 11:58:51 PM »
If you need any help with the grafics part I would be more than happy to help with my poor knowledge on Photoshop ^^

Thanks again for your detailed preview! For sure i will try to test WD tethering feature today!

Aha nice so WD's feature is more functional ! The version of PdaNet I use is 5.36 but 4-5 days ago i had  notification on Cydia to update on 6.01...
I haven't update yet ( I think this version adds compability to iOS 6.1, not sure though...). Perhaps I will update tommorow  from a friends laptop to check compability(if not I will reinstall from back up the 5.36 .deb !

:O I didn't knew the existence of this daemon-feature on WD6!!! This is amazing! I am going to check this tommorow definetely! As for the Pdanet application yes it turns 2G-3G and rest models to wifi spots and has also thethering option USB!

I am still writing from tapatalk mate ( still on holidays) and i don't have many luxuries. You can find Pdanet for sure on Sinfuliphone repo and they have the activation method on the description.

Also If you want to use the USB tethering option you have to install on your desktop a small application in order to make the connection with your iPhone!

So conclusion of all this is that the Latest PreferenceLoader on Cydia ISN'T compatible with our iOS??

There is also PDAnet app that can turn ur iPhone into a modem ( have Internet at your pc) ^^

Hi everybody,

I just installed Instagram with Ifunbox on my Iphone 3g jailbreak WD 3.1.3, everything seems to work fine.
BUT, I didn't have an account on Instagram before I downloaded it and since we can't sign in...
So I was wondering if someone here knows a solution, maybe an old account of someone who don't use it anymore, or a site with  a list of unused accounts with passwords, or a simple solution!

Thank you  :)

Hello and welcome to the forums :)

Please before you ask something read the whole thread and don't be lazy :)
There is a solution some posts above about how to create a new instagram account!

Amateur Developers / Re: SBSettings 6.0.4 Report
« on: February 07, 2013, 10:57:13 AM »
You are right Pierre the basic feature is that they have add support to iOS 6xx.

A minor visual glitch that i have noticed on 6.0.4 is that while you launch the "more app" (occurs with the springboard button too) is that screen freezes for half of a second showing the sbsettings menu a bit blury...

P.S. I will have more news today about the new airplane sbsettings toggle which doesn't appear on the dropdown window!

I have contact also Gerrard yesterday (the dev of the tweak) to ask him why he made it compatible only to iOS 4,5,6 (it's written in the release notes) and he replied to me that he haven't touched anything that it could have affect the pre-iOS 4...he ask me what is the problem on iOS 3.1.3 and he said he will take a look(last night)

Moderator note: Edited post title to add relevant keywords as described in WD 6: Tips to Quickly Solve your Problems/Bugs & Get Answers FAST!

UPDATE: I have contact BigBoss today about the problem with the SBSettings on version 6.0.3 and they almost immediately released a newer stable version (6.0.4) which works again with our iOS!

If somebody has already update to 6.0.3 uninstall it before upgrading to the stable version (reboot after uninstall would be nice)

DO NOT update "aiplane sbsettings toggle" as the latest version is working only with iOS 4,5 and 6!

Pierre no I didn't had adblocker installed it was just the 6.0.3 buggy (actually the "more app" it was crashing) that's why they released 6.0.4

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