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Title: WD 5.2.1 SBDock.png & Backgrounding Problems
Post by: benben19950723 on August 17, 2012, 08:20:57 AM
Hey guys, Ive been using WD v5.2.1 on my iPod Touch 2G MB model for quite sometime now. I never disabled my multitasking and wallpaper before. And i never ever use the backgrounding method even once. So today, i just try to background an app by holding down the home button. But no matter how long ive hold it, the "Backgrounded" message just never came out. And the apps not even backgrounding. Ive tried this with other apps for quite a number of times now, and it still didnt work. Looks like the multitaskin. Is already out for me.

Next, i then took the decision to disable the multitasking feature through mobile terminal with the ./Configurator script. At the same time i just disabled the wallpaper feature too. After that, my ipod then restarts. To my surprise, the reflectice dock like the one in iOS 4 is gone! And it has been replaced to the old iOS 3 dock! Its so ugly. So i reanabled the multitasking feature and the wallpaper hoping that the reflective dock will return. But after it restarts, its not there. Until now the iOS 3 dock is on my springboard. I dont know if this is a bug or what. This shows that the WD v5.2.1 is not yet perfect still. I hope that the Whited00r team will quickly end this "bug". Ive been having it for a number of times now. And felt that i should tell it now right here. :-/ 
Title: Re: WD 5.2.1 Problems
Post by: benben19950723 on August 18, 2012, 07:18:04 AM
Well, never mind about the iOS 3 SBDock thing. I don't know why but somehow when I disable the wallpaper feature
the iOS 4 reflective dock automatically deletes itself and is replaced by the iOS 3 SBDock.png. I replaced the iOS 4 SBDock.png with the iOS 3 one. And it came back to normal. But about the multitasking backgrounder, i don't know... :(