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Hello everyone. Recently there was a spout of weird and large amount of spam that appeared from one specific user. That user has now been banned. However there were replies to these posts. Please DO NOT reply to spammers as that is how they get attention. Insted you can report it to the moderators by clicking the red exclamation mark on the post.
This emails us and allows for a swift removal as soon as we (the moderators come online).

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Hola a todos. Recientemente hubo un pico de cantidad rara y amplia de spam que apareció de un usuario específico. Ese usuario ya ha sido prohibido. Sin embargo, hubo respuestas a estos mensajes. Por favor, Ndon'tsé cuál Responder a los spammers, ya que es la forma en que reciben atención. En su lugar puedes reportarlo a los moderadores haciendo clic en el signo de exclamación rojo en el poste.
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Tech Talks / [Review] The Onplus One. A flagship killer...
« on: February 19, 2015, 12:41:57 PM »
Overview and introduction
So for those that follow me on Twitter may have noticed that I tweeted about my new phone. The mythical OnePlus one.
What makes this phone special you probably ask?
The price.

Price vs specs
At £275 (inc. £6 Postage and packaging) this lives up to the nickname "the flagship killer" with a top of the range Quad core processor and 3GB of Ram to power this thing. It beasts through gaming as if its a walk in the park. And is even comparable to the Samsung galaxy S5 (yes I know the G Alpha is out along with the new G Note but they are pushing £600 ish in the UK alone).

Running Android KitKat with CyanogenMod installed this has to be the must have phone for those power users out there.  CyanogenMod allows for customisation down to the smallest of details such as changing the position of the clock to changing the boot animation  CyanogenMod has been made safe to get on this phone (along with support for two years from the release so another year and a bit). But the support doesn't stop there...
With OnePlus making their own firmware to flash if people want to use it. It's called oxygen OS which lands in March. And Android lollipop to fall in the next few weeks...

Extra hardware stuff :P
You also get a 13 Megapixel camera and 64gb of storage which is plenty of space for the 4K footage you can film. And with a 5MP front facing camera which is on par with most iPhone's. A nice 5.5 inch screen puts this in the phablet category but the size doesn't matter when you have raw power in your hands.

However some software issues have arisen such as the significant battery drain in the latest version of CM and people have reported yellow bands on the bottom of their screens which is due to the adhesive not being cured properly and if you drop the phone face down on it's screen it stops working completely. I have personally experienced random reboots that I think are because of the unlocked boot loader but I can't be 100% sure...
However issues like this are expected from a new startup that only recently turned 1.

A great phone for the price. With perfect software. However there are teething issues. If you like to tinker with phones, this phone is for you :)   


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