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What are all these files I am finding them in random places and are just wondering what they are?

There is an entire page on the iphone wiki saying what each iTunes error is and possible fixes
Hope this helps :)

Amateur Developers / Quick game by bcopperizcool *UPDATED*
« on: June 12, 2013, 08:40:02 AM »
Quick game is a script done by bcopperizcool which disables all substrates when you activate this script. And when you are done it will re-enable them all

Right so for those people who want to get into a game-mode as quickly as possible all you have to do is put this file into /usr/bin and open terminal and type:

1. su root

alpine (Might be different for you if you changed it) (Case sensitive)

this will then put you into gaming mode.
To simply leave log in as su root again and type and it will put you back into normal mode

This is by bcopperizcool and I do not take any credit for this script (I slightly modified it so instead of saying something went wrong it says "you need to run this as root")

Admins feel free to make and edit at any time :)


The error is in the quote
"Lots of iPhone 2G has been exported worldwide"

I would replace it with "Many iPhone 2G's have been exported worldwide"

Helping with the rebuilding of the site :)

Amateur Developers / Lite folders
« on: June 07, 2013, 02:16:47 PM »
This is a re-upload of the folder images lightend even more to give more speed to users of whited00r

(Transparancy is 8-bit message me any problems)
screenshots on the way

known problems

[spoiler]When hovered over the icon dosnt expand in size
I am working on a fix[/spoiler]


How to install
Dont forget to respring :P

I am not claiming these images as my own as Darlo770 made these images (I just changed them to make the graphics quality worse)

I recently emailed matt with more information about me and why I want to become a mod and it has been nearly a week and I have heard nothing can matt confim that he has the email?

Video 1 managing features


text guide (Just in case :) )

1. After installing whited00r reboot 3 times

2. Then go to terminal and type "setup" without quotes

3. then go to speed up the device ( press a and return)

4. then go to manage features (press b and return) 

5. Press anything on the keyboard

6. Pick the features you want

Some exsamples to disable

Sara (voice controll) if you do not have a microphone

folders if you dont have alot of apps

Fastappswhiching if you dont want it

sharing menu if you dont want it

Home screen wall papers if you dont want it

Icon shadows if you dont want it

7. Once you are back at the menu you can press c to go back

8. then you press E to reboot (Highly advised as effects dont take place untill after reboot)

Managing demons video

Text guide (Just in case)

1. Open terminal and type setup

2. Then press A to go to manage features

3. Then press A again to get to the manage demons script

4. Press any key

5. Demons to disable (reson why) what it does
(iPods and iPhones)
[spoiler]Spotlight search
Searches through contacts, apps, music, emails and many other things
if you do not use spotlight search
Keep enabled
if you want to find songs quickly or search through lots of apps

Microsoft exchange & Google sync

Dont know uses (someone tell me and I will update)
If you do not use Gmail or Microsoft exchange
Keep enabled
If you use Gmail Or MS exchange[/spoiler]

Iphone Only
[spoiler]Sim card import
Imports contacts from the sim card
If you alredy have imported contacts from the sim card
You have no contacts on the sim card
Keep enabled
To import contacts to the phone :P

Teathering support
Allows your phone to share its internet/data connection to other devices wirelessly or via USB
If tethering is not on your contract for your phone
You dont use teathering
Data tethering is on you contract/data plan[/spoiler]

6. When done it will bring you back to the sub menu go back (type "C" without quotes)

7. Type "E" and reboot your device (Changes will not take effect untill after the reboot)

Overclocking your iPhone / iPod
Repo you need to add:

Suggestions for the Next Whited00r Version / Better newstand
« on: June 03, 2013, 02:58:26 PM »
Yep I agree newstand is good for checking WD news but mabey have it so you swipe right for the twitter feed left for the latust updates for the ios and the main page for the news (just a sugestion)

This problem still occors on my ipod touch 1st gen when turning on airplane mode and it turns back off. I have recently restored and not used a backup. Any help? (wifi still turns off and stays off).

Edit by bcooperizcool to provide relevant keywords in the title :)

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