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Hi guys, it's been a while since I've posted or commented on anything (been really busy with school/work/life), but I've been logging in periodically checking out what's happening and all. Just bought myself my second Apple device today :) My main phone is still an Android (Moto X 2013) for now, but my backup phone died (Palm Pre Plus) and the MVNO I'm on is stupidly picky on phones. Ended up buying a great condition Black iPhone 4 16GB for only $35 off of eBay :) Crazy how cheap these are now lol. I've still got my iPod Touch 2G that brought me to Whited00r in the first place in perfect working order (and still running WD7.1 :D) but I don't use it as much these days. Going to be using this iP4 quite a bit, runs decent enough on 7.1.2, just jailbroke it with Pangu (was surprised how easy it is now). Anyways, what's up? :)

Amateur Developers / WD7 Experience Enhance Mod Alpha v0.12 :D
« on: January 01, 2014, 12:55:48 AM »
Hi! So, I have been working on some ways to make WD7 a little better in all the small ways :) I've decided to release an alpha version of what I'm doing so you guys can have a nice experience too :D This mod just changes some small things to make WD7 closer to iOS 7 in feel as well as adds a few things :)

Here's a list of what this includes as of now:
1- Fixes the back button to look more like iOS 7
2- Themes Calculator to look a bit more iOS 7 -esque
3- Changes the slider buttons in Control Center to be larger and thus closer to iOS 7 look and easier to use
4- Utilizes the Cydia 1.1.9 theme whether or not you have it
5- Adds a Privacy page to Settings
6- Adds Bluetooth to the default page of Settings
7- Themes the Music app to have better graphics that more closely resemble iOS 7
8- Changes the bottom panel when watching videos to more closely resemble iOS 7

Replaced the Volume HUD images with ones that are translucent to more closely resemble iOS 7  (for now they are very low quality images, but you can't tell very much in usage, they will be replaced soon though)

Changed the Now Playing button again to more closely resemble iOS 7 (this change is reflected in the screenshots)

[Somewhat] cool update!
Slide to Unlock images changed a bit (Chevron and Text Mask). Images straight from iOS 7 with only a bit of resizing :D Screenshot below (the picture doesn't do the the text mask justice though, it looks almost exactly like iOS 7 when installed)!

Crappy [and Temporary] update!
Changed Folder Title Edit Field to better resemble iOS 7 (horrible quality for now)

[Somewhat] cool update!
Changed lock sound and removed unlock sound (just like iOS 7). Lock sound has that cool echo effect (files pulled straight from iOS 7)!

Changed the volume images to higher quality ones (as promised :D) pulled straight from iOS 7 and made a new HUD to better resemble iOS 7 :D (Changes reflected in the screenshot below)

Replaced the folder images that were replaced before with higher quality ones that better resemble iOS 7, fixed the delete button for apps inside folders, and fixed a bug with the Calculator images (Changes reflected in the screenshot below)

Fixed some bugs and some other stuff I forgot (Whited00r forums glitched :( )

Included a highly experimental version of the back button for the Music app. It's not perfect, but it does look okay :)

Totally revised Now Playing screen for the Music app to look much more like iOS 7. Nicer toggles for Volume and Control Center. Report any problems if you experience any! :)

Added the Preferences plist for iPhone 3G for ease of installation. Upgraded Other.artwork with several flattened UI elements. Fixed WD7.1 bug that caused "More" buttons to look weird. Changed Voice Memo application's scrubber bar. Corrected color of red buttons. Make sure to look in all folders and replace all items!

Here are some screenshots of what you will be getting:

Instructions are included inside the zip file!


Download below!!! :D

I hope you like this mod and I will be updating it whenever I have time :D
Feel free to post any suggestions (as long as they are feasible) as well as any and all bugs you experience after installing this (although you shouldn't have any as everything is graphical)


I just uploaded two apps to AppTimeMachine, and I think this set is something you guys will like :)

imo: The BEST instant messaging app EVER for iPods and iPhones :D I love this app, and it's better than the rest of the im apps in AppTimeMachine in my opinion :)
iFunny: Awesome app, lets you view memes and funny videos :) Unfortunately, gifs are not supported in this version :(

Go check them out! Now!

I know it's an unusual request, but can someone please extract their iOS 4.2.1 file and post it here? Thanks in advance!

I'd extract one from the IPSW myself, but I can't due to some complications with my computer :P

Is the AppTimeMachine desktop site down? I've been trying to upload a bunch of app to AppTimeMachine all day and whenever I hit "Submit an Application", it just refreshes the site (it's as if the link is pointing to a # sign). I wanted to submit the Kindle and Filer applications (as well as a few more).

I uploaded these apps to AppTimeMachine:
1) Wordweb Dictionary (modded with nicer icon and named "Dictionary" when installed): Best dictionary app in my opinion as it requires no data connection and has a nicely integrated UI.
2) Ninjump DX: Noticed there was just the lite version on AppTimeMachine, this is the full version.
3) Acrobits Softphone (modded with "Phone" icon and name... :P): Hurrah! An app that can be used to make free calls on iOS 3! Just got to set it up correctly... (I did and it works great :D)
4) 100 Floors: It wasn't on AppTimeMachine, it's a nice game anyways.
5) Stardunk: Also wasn't on AppTimeMachine, it's pretty fun.
6) Stardunk Gold: Name speaks for itself I guess..

I'd assume they'll be available within the next few hours to everyone depending on how they do stuff up there (or down somewhere nearby lol)

I messed it up pretty bad due to an app I was making :-[ and now I forgot the string for the iOS version.
Due to this, Cydia thinks I have a newer version and is trying to delete everything D:
The weird thing is that I reverted the iOS version line and it still does it, so I guess the string matters too. [shrug]
Could someone please upload theirs if they are on iOS 4.2.1?
It is located in System/Library/CoreServices
Thanks in advance!

By the way, hi again everybody! I was off of Whited00r and iOS modding and such for a really long time, and now I finally have time to work on stuff again (for a bit of time only though, I'll be heading back in about two weeks :()

This topic has been moved to Spambucket because it did not pertain to the troubleshooting of whited00r. Please keep the forums clean and organized! :D

Well, I don't have Whited00r because my iPod Touch is the MC model, and installing the AppTimeMachine app from Whited00r's IPSW doesn't work for me, but I still wanted to be able to download apps from there.

When I try to go to AppTimeMachine homepage (the one posted in various places around this forum) with an iPhone user agent on Google Chrome, I still get redirected to the homepage for desktop users. So, I was wondering if anyone could pitch in and help me out.

<Snip by moderator>

I will be very thankful if you could do this for me! :D I really would like to use AppTimeMachine due to 4.2.1 also being phased out by Apple. :( ...

I was thinking about how to solve the problems many users have been facing with AppTimeMachine. If I understood correctly, this is due to the fact that AppTimeMachine servers are getting overloaded with the very large amounts of users accessing it. I was wondering if we could take Installous's approach to file upload. We could select a reliable file host with a very large storage limit and about 500 megabyte file size limit for each file. I think finding a large storage limit would be easy enough, but coupling that with a large enough file size limit would have its share of problems. I'm sure we could do it though, maybe with the help of a few of us donating. I might donate, but all I have in my account is $25 and that will have to be used on a textbook that I will need the upcoming semester. :( I'll still try to save up some more for the benefit of us all though. ;) So my idea is that the button for installing an app will lead to the download provider's site. The download provider will likely have a much larger bandwidth, and a more powerful server than the current one being used. Of course the user might face a waiting period, ads, and a simultaneous download limit, but I suppose that could be made up for with a very high uptime rate. I know that the current setup doesn't bother the user with all of this trouble, but it's evident that there seems to be a big problem with overloading. I'm not sure if this will be put into effect, but I was just thinking that this would be a better approach than the current one. I really hope someone higher up than me will contemplate this idea and reply with their thoughts. Of course if any user sees any problem with this plan, then they are welcome to tell me! Thanks for reading! ;D

I found something just now that might help us (probably not) in making a better Newsstand app. The current one is great (thanks Soltmeal!) but it doesn't let us read real news (although I think I read somewhere that someone is working on a store).
The app is called Blogshelf, but it is for iPad and the current version is iOS 5 and up.

So here's what I was thinking:
First we need to find an older version of this app. It's likely not going to be less than 3.2, since it was always an iPad app :(, but we could still use this in Redd00r.
Then after we have found it we could use something like this and integrate it into the app itself:
The problem with iTelePad2Pod is that A: The download link is down and I couldn't find any others and B: Even if we got this, it looks like it is really hard to use (still manageable). The reason I still mentioned it is because I still haven't searched very hard for it, and someone may find a mirror or something similar to it.
Then, we could resize the iPad images using the app running on an iPhone or iPod as a basis and then optimize them.

If all this works out, then we'd have an awesome Newsstand clone running on Whited00r and it would look just like it. All the user would have to do is use their favorite site's RSS feed. Whited00r seems to have RSS and so do many news and magazine corporations.

Again, this is just an idea, and no doubt there are a lot of complications. I just thought about it and think it is hard but possible. Anyone can point out any flaws in this plan though if they see any. I'm sure there are many. I could likely do the last steps but I'd need the communities help finding an IPA for the older version of Blogshelf. Any help at all is appreciated :D

Thanks everyone for reading this post and I hope a developer considers this. I also have been working on an RSS Newsstand app for a while on Xcode, but I'm not very good at it, and I keep running into various problems (a big one would be having to use an older Xcode because I am using a VM of Mac OSX Lion 10.7 with no updates [updates break the VM] as well as being very inexperienced with Xcode [I am used to other types of programming, like C and Python]) I'd appreciate it if anyone were to pitch in and give me a few pointers!

Thanks Again ;D

Hi guys! I just came to Whited000r's site as usual today and am pleasantly surprised at the new look! Wow! I really like it! You guys made it look just like Apple's site! Props to whoever (or if it was more than one person) did this! I don't know how you got the files for Apple's site (or whatever cool method used), but I think that was awesome!

Okay, so here are some suggestions/constructive criticism (not much).

So, I see you have changed the button text, but not the alternate text (the text that shows up if you mouse over the button). It's just a bit awkward and its a pretty easy fix, just open up your desired web designing software (I use Dreamweaver), load up your index page, click each button to select it, then there should be an alternate text option on the bottom bar, side bar, or right-click menu depending on your software.

Another thing is the favicon. If I am not mistaken, there should be a little favicon.ico file in your root ftp folder. Find that and I'd suggest replacing it with a more modern look that matches the new look of the site. Maybe we should hold a contest for a logo! Then the logo (something modern and minimalistic) could be used as the favicon as well as the replacement for the home button like apple. I think that would be awesome and I'd love to participate! I doubt it'd cause too much trouble either :D

That's it! See, I told you there wasn't much :D

One last bit, I saw two links for Push Fixer and App Time Machine. I think both are cool! I will gladly participate in App Time Machine by uploading my apps.

Overall, I am happy with Whited00r and will continue to be a part of this great project and am pleased that it is being constantly renewed and made better and better every day. I can't wait for Whited00r 6 as well (although I can't really use it due to having an MC model, but I know that Redd00r will soon follow suit)!

Suggestions for Next Whited00r - Archive / Problems with Terminal
« on: September 18, 2012, 01:12:41 AM »
Okay, so this has been going on for a while, and I kept forgetting to tell you guys. The Terminal app included in Redd00r does not work at all. It has always crashed every time I open it even after restoring cleanly with a ipsw and installing Redd00r freshly as per the instructions. You can, however fix this by using this: or this: (the first is a newer, better version) My suggestion is that one of these versions be used to replace the current Terminal app included with Redd00r. I have had no problems whatsoever with these versions. Thanks for reading!

Amateur Developers / Is anyone else creating a Notification Center clone?
« on: September 16, 2012, 08:18:21 PM »
Now that DyZee is leaving and doesn't really want to work on NSCenter anymore. Is anyone else creating something? Surely it can't be TOO hard (although I must admit I cannot develop apps) All we really need is an app that shows the weather on top, be scrollable, and be able to fetch all notifications and aggregate them into a list of categories. Then the developer can make it have slide in animation as the splash and we can all install it and use with activator. Just saying.

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