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Wait, there was a WD1, WD2, and WD3???? How did those work? (Like, what did they do? Since whited00r is based on 3.1.3... wasn't it always?)
I was around since WD4, but didn't have an account. I only made an account when Redd00r was announced :) (since I have an MC model and finally had a reason to make an account lol)


How can I install patches?  I'm a brand new user to whited00r 7 and I am using an iPod Touch 2G MC model.  I currently have whited00r 7 installed on my device with no issues that aren't already mentioned.  I have applied the folder fix via console as instructed above and it works fine.  I'm just confused on how I am to install patches.


Just go to Cydia, and then tap Manage then tap Sources then tap Repod00r (if you dont have repod00r as a source, add it: Then you will see "WD7 Patch v3" Install it, and enjoy!

Well I forgot the link because I didn't know if it would be acceptable :p
Ohh ok, sorry for putting it there lol, I'll remove it now :)

yep i did (just tried it now) but the stupid click sound when i lock/unlock the device is still there. Is the iPod Touch 1G able to have custom UI Sounds through the speaker?
OH! Oops I didn't notice that you were on an iPod Touch 1G. The iPod Touch 1G is unfortunately incapable of producing complex sounds through it's speaker due to it only having a Piezo speaker (which is pretty much a piece of metal that is bent to make sound). BUT! If you plug in headphones and then lock it, I think you should be able to hear the new lock sound ;)

This helps only for MC models or generally?
Patches should be installed on all devices. They fix issues that occur on all WD7 devices as well as issues that are specific to certain models.

So I did a video about Whited00r 7 on my Youtube page, and since I'm still relatively new-ish, any suggestions which part of the forum to put it (if allowed, of course)? I figured it would give people a nice view of how it ran first hand and my impressions on it :p
Putting it in Free Forum should be acceptable :) Also, you forgot to give us a link to it: **snip**

Oh really? I didn't know that. Because i thought that when i changed it on stock 3.1.3 it didnt work for some reason  :(
You need to change lock.caf as well as sq_lock.caf for some reason (idk why). Did you do that?

Amateur Developers / Re: WD7 Experience Enhance Mod Alpha v0.6 :D
« on: January 02, 2014, 10:16:12 PM »
That is very, very weird. I have no scripts or anything to delete folders in my mod at all. Just images and some plist files. Are you sure you followed all directions? CoreServices is located in //System/Library Did you just copy all the folders? (Not supposed to do that, I said so multiple times in the readme as well as on the folders as well)

Also, I recommend iFile or iTools. What are you currently using to copy the files?

Amateur Developers / Re: WD7 Experience Enhance Mod Alpha v0.6 :D
« on: January 02, 2014, 10:06:47 PM »
You did a great work but I find a little HUD fix:
Hope you fix it :D
That's a bit weird. Can you make sure that you copied all the files located in I see you copied hud.png but maybe not mute.png?

Actually, no need to anymore. I've got them now, go check out my topic in Amateur Developers (WD7 Experience Mod)! I've incorporated the lock sound into the latest version :)

Not sure then about that error as the person earlier in this post did exactly what you did (right?) and had it working fine :( 

What you can do to fix the crashing for now is use iTools or iFile or similar to find the application folder for it in /var/mobile/Applications. There will be many folders that have random text there. Go into each one until you find the one that has as a folder inside of it. When you are in that folder, go into the Library folder there and make a folder called "Caches".  Then set the permissions and ownerships for it to mobile:mobile and read/write/execute for all users and groups and world there.
Tested your fix, the app works flawlessly now :)

That's very interesting. Yup, pictures would be nice :) Maybe you set something up differently with your Wireless router or maybe your APN? (idk, just throwing out different ideas)
Could you please connect your device to your computer and send the file (it would help immensely if we could find out why it worked for you)? (located in var/mobile/Applications) Use either iTools or iFile?

Kik's working for me
Could you tell us how you got it working?

Amateur Developers / Re: WD7 Experience Enhance Mod Alpha v0.6 :D
« on: January 02, 2014, 06:35:35 PM »
Updated :D

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