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The iPhone 2G is the best(old, but gold ;) ) ,but i don't have a hope to continue WD Project soon.. Yeah the best iOS is 3.1.3 ,another is just upgrading the UI and functions.

Hello and welcome to the forum,this is because the app is very old and is not supported :'(

Hello and welcome to the forum,sadly YouTube changed his API and nothing below iOS 6 will support it.Cheers :)

Hello,thanks for the tutorial, but sadly Apple cut notification for iOS 3.1.3,and this is not useful.Cheers  :)

Amateur Developers / Re: iOS 8 theme for WD 7.1 UI v8.5
« on: April 15, 2015, 06:54:29 PM »
Awww no problemo i just asking ;)

Amateur Developers / Re: iOS 8 theme for WD 7.1 UI v8.5
« on: April 14, 2015, 04:43:33 PM »
Hello IPH0NE_3GS is will be have any update or this is dead.Cheers :)

Try to buy iPhone 4S because iOS 8 has many apps support than iOS 7  :)

Ahhh if you used Unlocker version you will no have to buy a fix for push notification[Apple not supported  :'(]
and ultrasn0w is running in the background and drain battery.Whited00r has project 4.2.1 based but is outdate and buggy.Cheers  :)

@Demigod i talking about whited00r[Modded iOS 3.1.3 not iOS 7] and as jay say replace battery or install iOS 4.  :)

Hello and welcome to the forum iOS 4 has better battery life than iOS 3 plus whited00r has many installed cydia tweaks.Cheers  :)

iPH0NE_3GS you are wrong,Viber work perfectly on iOS 4 device  ;)

Yes i know that but as i say is not supported.If you want install iOS 4 and use Viber,but Instagram mm maybe...

Hello and welcome to the forum,Instagram and Viber is not supported for iOS 3  :)

Happy Birthday to all , mine is tomorrow  :P

Me to, but will be really buggy and laggy on iPhone 3G anyway  :-X

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