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Amna Whited00r want to made old old old phones useful and therefor is based on iOS 3.Yes iPhone 3GS is the faster iPhone ever made , and has theme as whited00r, but is really good
iPhone 4 is really laggy on iOS 7

Amna,Yes maybe the candy iOS 7 UI you don't like it , hope to helps and sorry, but i obviously I can not find more....... :)

Apple again dissapointed me ,MacBook is really good machine, but is really expensive,costly maintenance.Agreed the OS X is really stable,watch is really really expensive i never will buy it, because is not useful , battery will withstand a day maybe two.Fingers crossed the iOS 9 to support iPad 2, but i doubt it as say iPH0NE_3GS [ 3GS will be the faster iPhone created ever  :) ]

Hello Amna i found Camera 4 Light Glow,Camera Art Effects,Rated,Mask Camera,3D Camera Pro,Photo FX Magic Lite.We recommend to use iOS 3/Whited00r, because iOS 4 is really laggy,non-stable as iOS 3 and is not written for iPhone 3G Processor.Cheers ;)

Here you are : [no reclame] ,but the code is old and ATM will not working and you not have support for forum  ;)

No Whited00r will be based on iOS 3.1.3.Redd00r is based on iOS 4.2.1 and support iPhone 3G;iTouch 2g.Cheers :)

22 No reclame , Whited00r team don't recommend to use whited00r 6 because the code is too old and you cant use apptimemachine  :)

Well then use it on iOS 4.Most popular app for iOS 3.1.3 is dead.Cheers  ;)

Facebook Messenger is compatible with iOS 4.Cheers  ;)

Yes the project is called Redd00r, but is very outdate.My suggestion is to install stock 4.1, because is more stable/non-buggy or install iOS 4 sign in Viber use iTools gets document transfer to iOS 3 and use Viber....
Cheers  ;)

Hello and welcome to the forum,yes Viber cut support for iOS 3.1.3 :'( , but try to install iOS 4 and then use Viber. Cheers ;)

Hello and thank to reply.I don't know but in stock 3.x.x/4.x.x the battery is very good[with/out Cydia]
Wallpapers,Control Center,Banner Notification it's only enabled.Cheers

Hello thanks for reply.I try method with SAM,but don't working....  ;)
Yes maybe because the apps are very old.Yes i know, but in older version like Whited00r 5.x.x the battery was very good.I know in WD 7.x.x has new features,UI,but i can't make 5 hours >:(.Cheers

Hello Whited00r again i have problems[Thanks to working for us :)].First my device is iPhone 3G factory unlocked whited00r normal i will buy new iPhone,but for now this work for me.First when i try to test push notification iPusher say "Oops something wrong with the server"
Viber notification not work and i can't log in,Facebook and many many apps with push.
I think unlocked version drain battery less than normal.
I use only banner notification,Control Center and Wallpaper tweaks.
I uninstalled in Cydia terminal tweaks, but is worst than stock 3.1.3.
P.S Sorry i know English is not my good point :D and sorry if this topic is in wrong section

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